Will battery get affected by unlocking the Galaxy S7?

unlocking the Galaxy S7

When you are pondering about unlocking a device, a lot of questions are sure to cross your mind. These can be queries such as, will unlocking affect performance? Will it corrupt your data? Will it damage your battery life? And much more. Questions such as these can be quite perplexing for the everyday user. If you are also concerned about these issues, this guide will give you the answers you need.

What is unlocking?

A phone purchased through a carrier or a network provider is called a locked phone; i.e. it can only be used on the carrier network. So if you are planning on travelling a lot or have a habit of switching sim cards regularly, it is not a great idea to get a locked device. Unlocking your mobile phone can help you utilise multiple sim cards and travel without any network restrictions.

The process of unlocking is also quite straightforward. You need to get a device specific unlock code by entering details about your mobile phone. These details include the IMEI code, the model number, carrier details and the country from where you purchased the phone. There are services that can do the whole procedure in minutes and also ensures that your device software is not damaged.

Will it work on Samsung phones?

Yes it will work on Samsung phones, as the company is expected to sell over 2.5 billion mobile devices by the end of 2018, and a majority of these devices are sold as unlocked. You can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon easily. The Galaxy S7 is one of the most popular phones in the world. A flagship phone from 2016, it set the standard for phone design and quality. Today it is available as a budget smartphone and demand for the phone is still quite high. It features a stellar camera, a long-lasting battery, snappy performance and a class-leading display.

Will the process affect my phone?

No. The unlocking process is simple and only bypasses the security measures put in place by your mobile network, thus allowing other sim cards to work on your device. It will not harm the phone’s performance or damage the battery, or cause any unwanted glitches. It will also not affect the data and information stored on your mobile phone. It is a very safe way to give you the freedom to move from carrier to carrier and travel without any mobile network restrictions.

What advantages does an unlocked phone give you?

Apart from the network mobility, the value of your phone also goes up.  If you bought the smartphone via a contract and have finished the agreement you can now feel free to unlock your device and get a higher resale value. This increase in valuation allows you to sell your phone for a reasonable price, provided you have kept it in excellent condition. Now that your queries on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phone are now clear, you can find a service which will do it quickly and safely.

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