The Samsung will release a special cover-keyboard for Galaxy S9

The Samsung will release a special cover-keyboard for Galaxy S9

Galaxy S8, a flagship smartphone has got an unusual accessory called Keyboard Cover.

Samsung introduced a flip-cover for the gadget, which has two functions: additional protection, and the ability to type text using the physical buttons. As specified on the manufacturer’s website, the accessory is made up of polycarbonate. Galaxy S9 will have such kind of polycarbonate cover, and a plastic housing keyboard just like the Galaxy S8 have it right now. To let the Keyboard Cover work, you do not need to pair it with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or use of the battery, Galaxy S8 will automatically recognize the keyboard. It will be work for Galaxy S9.

In that case, if the plate is not needed, it can be flipped over and attached to the back of the smartphone. The cost of the keyboard cover is around 59.99 dollars.

The first smartphone going to launch next year, equipped with dual camera, will not be Galaxy Note 8 but will be the charming Galaxy S9.

Since the release of the new flagship smartphone Samsung S8, Only a few of its features were known, displeasure owners – for example, a red screen shade, problems with wireless charging. Now it seems that an increasing number of people are faced with the inexplicable and unpredictable reboots of the device, according to the Digital Trends.

Disclosed is an unusual secret Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung engineers have found an unusual solution to get rid of “burn-out” virtual button Home, which has replaced the physical key in the new smartphone Galaxy S8. It is reported by, on the other hand, upcoming Galaxy S9 has no physical home button.

As you know, OLED screens (OLED, AMOLED) have not very nice feature – in those places where the diodes are always lit, displaying a static image, there is the “burn-out.” As a result, the remnants of the image may be visible even when the screen is off.

To reduce the impact of this effect, Samsung decided from time to time a bit of virtual Home button to transfer images to a few millimeters in different directions relative to the previous position which we can see next year, in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Thus, the virtual button will be visible all the time, but the damage to the diodes will not happen because, at regular intervals, some of them will be switched off and have time to “rest.”

Samsung will bring the screen up to 98% of the smartphone body of Galaxy S9. The success of “infinite” Samsung S8 screen has not stopped the company’s developers. According to Etnews, the company is working on a new display panel that is rounded on all four sides. The front part of the device will be a large plate of glass and takes 98 percent of the housing body. The unit will not have a top or bottom frame and will be different from anything on the market. can make its place in the market and giving the upcoming Galaxy S9 the inspiration to compete with many devices more powerfully.

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