Healthcare Financing: Improve your Hospital/Clinic’s Operations

As a healthcare professional running a business of your own, you may require funds at your disposal for several reasons, whether it is equipment purchase or to scale operations and pay your staff. Rather than depending on your savings or investments to fund urgent expenses, you can rely on customised healthcare financing for all your needs.

A specialised financing solution, Healthcare Financing by lenders like Bajaj Finserv gives you access to lakhs of rupees using which you can fund all your needs with ease. Here’s how such a loan can benefit you.

Fund day-to-day operational costs with this loan
Much like every other business, as a healthcare professional you will need funds to run your practice smoothly. Apart from your monthly business income that you generate from your hospital or clinic, you need funds as working capital to pay for a series of utility and business-related expenses. However, faced with urgent needs such as quick electrical repair in your clinic, installation of new ACs to replace malfunctioning ones, and paying advances to your staff for personal emergencies, you will need sufficient funds over and above your working capital.

You can totally depend on healthcare financing in this regard and avail a loan of up to Rs.30 lakh easily without pledging any assets. Moreover, you can use this loan amount for a range of professional purposes and spend it at your own discretion without any limitations.

Pay for new equipment without worrying about repayment
Whether you are a super-specialist doctor, graduate doctor, dentist, or a homeopath, in order to run your practice smoothly you will need an array of tools and equipment. More than the purchase of the latest machinery and equipment for your hospital or clinic, you will constantly have to service them and repair them if need be. When you are dealing with specialised tools the cost of both purchase and repair is steep, but with healthcare financing at your disposal, you can instantly apply for a loan to fund your needs.

Getting a doctor loan for your business is easy and once your application is verified you will get the sanctioned amount in your account within 24 hours after document verification. Not only quick approval and disbursal, but you can also enjoy repayment flexibility with this loan and foreclose or part-prepay your dues anytime during the tenor, without paying any penalties or additional charges. Additionally, you can choose a flexible tenor of your choice of up to 96 months to repay the loan with ease.

Hire specialised workforce to improve the quality of your hospital/clinic
In order to diversify your practice and to improve your hospital or clinic’s operations, you may have to hire a team of specialised staff. This includes ICU nurses, administrative staff, a marketing team to take care of your business’ promotions, and an array of specialised junior doctors to help man the clinic at all hours. Initially, you may not have a budget to fund their salaries, but rather than losing out on good human resources you can immediately initiate the hiring process using funds from your loan for doctors. Moreover, if you are unsure of the costs then you can take avail healthcare financing as a Flexi Loan. Here, you can withdraw funds from your sanction as per your needs and choose to repay the same as interest-only EMIs. Moreover, you only have to pay interest on the amount you use and not the entire sanction. This way you can fund your variable needs and repay the loan principal only when you have extra funds at your disposal.

Irrespective of the process you choose, your application will get processed within 24 hours and then a representative will get in touch with you for documentation. Once, verified you will get your customised loan in your bank using which you can fund all your hospital/clinic operations with ease.

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