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New Way Lawyers is a non-profit law firm which handles matters related to family and estate. The excellent teams of lawyers have extensive experience in matters of divorce, separation, estate litigation, tax, trusts, property, wills. They have more than a decade of expertise. They know problems that fall under respective categories and they also know how to take care of each of those problems.

If you have been left out of the will, or you have been entitled an insufficient amount in the will, we will help you in making the claim. In fact, if deceased have left no will behind, still we can make a claim. Will disputes also include challenging a will and contesting a will. It is a wise decision to seek help of a probate lawyer while contesting or challenging a will because no one will guide you matter than an attorney in such situation. However, the claim should never be unreasonable. Moreover, if you are an heir or beneficiary of a will and want to defend the will, or need help in drafting a will or reviewing the same then New Way lawyer is the place for you.


Attorneys in most cities are very common and therefore one has to be cautious while selecting them. They need to be reliable because you will be sharing details about your finance, property, family and so much should be disclosed only to those on whom you can place trust. Moreover, if a lawyer is dependable only then he or she will be able to draft a will which proves to be undisputable. After all, you are doing all this so that your children and spouse do not face any type of difficulty in future. Moreover, the wills and probate lawyers Brisbane has to be experienced. He or she should have requisite skills of the estate law to guide you the right way and give correct information. Therefore, it is important to check attorney’s area of expertise. Do they excel in wills and probate law?

A lawyer will assist you in awarding the right amount of assets to your loved ones. This is the first step, you and your lawyer discuss on the matter that who all will be provided for. They will guide you with respect to tax matters also. You can seek lawyer’s help in case you want to alter your will or make any kind of modifications.

There are two ways of solving problems associated with the estate, will or probate matters. The issues can be solved by involving the court or one can go for out of court settlement as well. At New Way Lawyers, attorneys prefer out of court settlement over investing client’s time and money in and around the court. However, if the situation is such that it needs court interference then our lawyer will certainly represent you.

The professionals working with us are, understanding and caring. If you are unfit to visit our office, they will come to your place and take care of everything. If you have any query related to estate matters or want to know more about our firm, services and members, visit

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