Five simple ways to get media coverage for start-up Buisness

It is possible to buy the best coverage by media if you are ready to spend a huge chunk of money, every now and then. It could be a negligible cost for a Fortune 500 company but, for a small start-up like yours, you need to keep your budget in mind. Not all journalists would be willing to write about a complete start-up. They all look out for corporate giants to cover. It is said that more than 54% of the journalists are pitched by a new start-up at least 20 times per day. Thus, you can be easily overlooked, if you do not up your game. Here are the top five PR tips to get the media coverage that your company deserves.

Know the paper

If you are planning to get an article about your company in a newspaper or a channel, learn what motivates them. If it is time for Mothers’ Day, try to pitch in your company as a dream of your mother or showcase that the company is run by a mother. If it is time for a patriotic festival, try to alter your business to be more patriotic. It is always about the theme.


Submit a press release

If you are starting a new company, make a piece about your launch. Write about major milestone using platforms, which help you submit press release to many new media. This will help you get an online presence, which would add more value to your business, when you are pitching to journalists. Standing out on social media will also attract journalists.

Involve in events and campaign

Journalist need something interesting to cover than just a bunch of rooms, your menu card or your one-line backstory. Try to collaborate with local businesses  or corporates, create an event or try to start a new trend. Your story should be interesting for the journalist to pitch it to their editor.

Rapport with the reporter

You cannot expect a reporter who knows nothing about your service or product to be awe-struck by your company into writing a column about you. Thus, you need to create a rapport with reporters, make them experience your product or service. It would take time and resources to build that relationship with the reporters but it is totally worth the effort.

Pitch often

Do not pitch once a year. Try to pitch your business in different styles like by conducting events, promoting any local activity and so on. Try to pitch to as many reporters as possible. Start with researching about the local publications, which cover your area. Try to contact the journalists of all the publications.

With these strategies, you should be able to feature your business in the media. Media coverage does not induce instant popularity. You need to work your way with high-profile publications, every now and then to keep your brand, more visible to potential customers. For instance, if a local area newspaper has made a column about your business, it is not the bull’s eye. Try with the regional paper, then with nation-wide papers and pitch for channels to cover your enterprise and so on.

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