5 Event Technology Trends Influencing the Future of Event industry

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Technology has made the world a new place. Its saturation has changed the way of our life style in dramatically way. World is rapidly changing and it is extreme importance for event organizers to keep update the world with the latest tech and trends. Event organizers are always in search of new ways and solutions to make their lives more comfortable and productive and also give their attendees an inspiring experience. Advancement of social media and mobile communication is changing our communication process make real time engagement.

In this article we will discuss event technologies which are booming in the event industry across the world.

Introducing Technology

Introducing latest up to date technology in business event is also consider a main part in the success of the business events. Technologies like use of iPad for business events is very popular among the people now a days,Borchures, paper registrations are so outdated and time consuming tasks in event industry. By doing this manually the business organizations cannot get the desired results .Making your events sustainable and user friendly by introducing the event apps this will also help you to save a lot of resources as well. According to a report 60% of attendees in business event use mobile apps and this number is gradually increasing. By introducing technology in business event you can not only increase the engagement of the people but also get the desired results.

Internet Marketing

Today as we are living in the internet world so we do not have choice on whether we should use internet or not for business events. The question is that how we can utilize best. Internet marketing is consider a main stream weapon in the marketing of any event. For this event planners use different channels like Facebook, twitter and other social apps which are very familiar among the people.  Today having an event website is not enough. Internet become the first priority for the vent planners more than 60% of event planners use social media channels for the promotion of their events. Moreover social media strategy is essential because a good social media approach is equal to smart event planning.

Internet access

By providing to the audience of the meeting business organizations can easily increase the involvement. By using internet they can easily found the relevant knowledge about the product. Internet is essential for conducting a successful business meeting. Moreover, a great event starts with attendees being able to have access to their lives via email, web and social media and also cause to increase their interest.

Video conferencing

Sometimes people want to attend event but for various reasons like they have to travel a long or a tough business schedule, they can’t. So rather than lose their registration, why not have they attend the event virtually? So always give them option that they can easily attend the event by video conferencing in this way you can easily hire the expertise of your field from all over the world which can be beneficial for your employees they can easily interact with them.

Track your Attendee Experience

Every business organizations want to know that what each of their attendees is exploring at event? Which session were going to more productive and which session was attended the most. In the past these are things seems to be impossible for business organizations but know by using the iPad in the business meetings you can not only increase the engagement of the audience but you can also know the answers of your questions by quick feedback system. More over by question answers you can also increase their interest.

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