Lenovo Phab 2: Will it give the vibes?

A few years ago, Lenovo was known for its bestselling laptops and their durability. With the recent evolution of the mobile phone industries, Lenovo jumped into the smartphone market. There were strong competitors already present in the market, so Lenovo played the trump card of selling the budget smartphones. The common man of India loves using smartphones, but they too have their budget constraints. For people with such budget restrictions, Lenovo has proven to be a boon. Lenovo Phab 2,to be launched in India soon, is surely going to give tough competitions. Let us check whether it suits your budget and perfect for you.

The pros of this device includeahuge display, metal body, and smooth performance. There is only one con for this device, and that is no fingerprint sensor. No fingerprint sensor is a hugesetback, but Lenovo has provided other good features, which are discussed below. Lenovo Phab 2 is a tablet and a smartphone which makes it a phablet.

Display and Design:

This device sports 6.4 inch HD display. Most attractive feature regarding the display is it has the thinnest bezel, which makes it look like a real wide screen. The front side of the device comprises ofthehuge display, three capacitive touch buttons, proximity sensor, earpiece and a front camera. On the rear side, there isarear camera, a flashlight and Lenovo branding. This smartphone has a sim tray on the left side of the screen. It is a dual sim smartphone in which both sims support LTE connectivity. LTE connectivity is supported by some of the most famous network providers. Most importantly this device has a VoLTE support, which seems like a boon for all the users who love using 4G. On the right side of the screen, there are volume rockers and lock button. On the top of the device, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a secondary microphone. On the bottom, it has a primary microphone and a USB port, which can be used to charge the device and also can be used to transfer files through it onthecomputer.

Processor and OS:

Lenovo Phab 2 arrives with Android 6.0 (marshmallow) out of the box and is expected to get Android 7.0 (Nougat) update. At the heart of this device is MediaTek 8735 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. Some people might find it disappointing that the smartphone has a Quad core processor, but not to worry, this is the latest MediaTek processor and gives smooth performance. The device runs on 3GB of RAM, which means smooth, efficient, and lag-free multitasking. The GPU is inbuilt MediaTek 8735 and is known to deliver best quality graphic performance. With these specifications,there cannot be any hesitations to buy.

Camera and Storage:

The primary camera on this device is 13MP autofocus with a LED flashlight while the front camera is 5MP and delivers best quality selfie shots. Storage of this smartphone is 32GB, and it supports microSDupto 128GB. This is ample storage for photography and music lovers. The front cam has modes likeasmile shot, beauty, etc. The sharp images from this device’s cam will make one fall in love with the device. The microSD card is to be installed inthehybrid slot which can either accommodate one sim card and one SD card or two sim cards together. Both the cameras are able to shootthebest quality videos. The user can select the storage path according to his/her will.

Battery and Connectivity:

This smartphone is powered bya4050mAh battery, which can run up to 1.5-2 days easily without being charged again. For the modern users, this much battery is sufficient, and it is actually a boon for travellers. Travelers can capture full HD shots and videos with long lasting battery and no worry to charge. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11 and acts as a portable hotspot.Moreover, this device is Bluetooth enabled and comes with Radio FM out of the box. The network support is 2G, 3G, and 4G VoLTE. The battery of this device is non-removable.

This device has four sensors namely accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, and gyroscope. This device doesn’t come witha fingerprint sensor, and that is a huge disappointment. The fingerprint sensor is an extra layer of security which is fast and encrypted to one’s biometric identity.


Lenovo Phab 2 price is estimated to be 11k-12k; this device can’t be referred as a costly one because all the featuresare worth paying. This device comes in yellow, gold and graycolour variants. One should definitely go for the gold variant as it gives the phone a rich and expensive look with that metal finished body. If one is willing to buy the device but is hesitating due to the absence of fingerprint sensor, then please do not worry. The fingerprint sensor is a good security feature, but PIN or Password is more secured.

Significance of Appointment Digital Agencies for Business

With steady development in technology the whole procedure of conducting trade has changed. Planning a business is no more finish of the job as a many of other work follows it. Business without suitable advertising is just of no use. To reach the directed audience, it is crucial to create proper advertising and marketing strategies.

Relying on skilled specialists to take up the whole accountability of your business publicity converts a better choice. In place of depending on the inexpert employees for marketing, digital agencies make a desirable choice. Their knowledge around the market and policies leave your contestants behind and give your industry a global approval.

If you are not conscious of the many benefits of appointment a digital agency like Fe-el digital agency, then carry on reading this article. Here are several of the major benefits of relying on digital agencies.

Get Help from Skilled Staff:

When you employ with a Customer experience agency, it aids your business to relish the numerous benefits from specialists. Since these are groups, it means they host numerous people who have extensive experience in this arena. They can aid you in numerous ways, starting from graphic designing toward mobile app programming. With awareness, they offer a positive alteration with their promotion and marketing effort.


Build Up Lively Online Presence:

Without appropriate online advertising, earning positive result in today’s day is almost difficult. This is not somewhat very easy as it needs specialized understanding and skill. Hiring Fe-el digital agency can certainly create a lively online presence in variable means.


Decrease the Marketing Prices:

When you try to do the whole marketing and publicity with an in-house group, it means you requisite to invest enormous. For an in-house group large software and numerous other resources are essential. Training them as well as making them skilled, needs a lot of investment plus time. Fe-el digital agency, in such state, is the flawless answer as they offer outstanding result without paying vast in lesser time.


Effective Brand Development:

Businesses are recognized by their brand name. It is vital to develop, defend and set up the brand over advertising and promotion. A simple error can turn damaging. Fe-el digital agency works by developing policies. This involves notifying clienteles and growing business recognition with variable components of the brand. They can certainly attract client and create a reputed name.


The aforementioned are several of the prime benefits of hiring Fe-el digital agency. With their valued strategies and understanding, you can certainly give a drive to your business. Consequently hire Customer experience agency and get a lively global popularity.


For firms which are beginning their rounds new in the online advertising world, it is highly valuable to hire a digital agency with appropriate experience. It is the firm which will have all the experience as well as will be able to guide the customer on how to increase search engine ranking. So being reliant on them is really beneficial for a firm, particularly the ones who have just initiated.

How to Effectively Increase Employee Engagement

According to recent studies, the level of employee engagement has been on a downhill slant for the last decade across all industries. In the most recent report, Gallup Research found that up to 70 percent of workers were either not well-engaged with their work or were actively disengaged with it. While there is still some debate over the validity of that conclusion, it is known by high-ranking officials of nearly all business sectors that employees need help retaining their engagement in work. Well-chosen team leads, proper etiquette, and open opportunities for communication are all important factors in the continued struggle to increase employee engagement across the board. However, the big question many companies ask and is, “How?”

Start at the Top

Long before you can get the employees on the lowest rung of your company engaged, you must do whatever you can to show that you, the company owner, are also engaged. By setting the standard by example, you utilise one of the most effective employee engagement strategies you can deploy as a company. Employees must see their leadership actively and effectively demonstrating the characteristics and behaviours asked of them every single day. In fact, in companies where the leaders modelled the behaviour desired of all employees, workers were 55 percent more engaged, 53 percent more focused and overall more likely to stay at the company.

Be Transparent

Employee engagement in Singapore is about being direct and honest with your employees with anything and everything that you can. The transparency of your management has a direct, 94 percent correlation with employee happiness across the board. Trusting employees with sensitive information gives them a sense that they have a deeper investment in the company and helps to create a more cooperative team atmosphere. This is the opposite of the more common relationship in the office, which focuses on an “us versus them” perception of the situation. By bringing your employees into the inner fold of the company, you show them that you consider them an important part of the operation.

Offer Visibility

This can be accomplished in one or both of two different ways. First, you should ensure that your managers and team leaders are accessible and visible around the office during any given time throughout the work day. Employees will be able to see them as approachable and available for guidance and assistance if they know that their leaders are around and available to them whenever they have need. That said, it is important that you find the balance between invisibility and micromanaging because too much overcrowding can negatively affect workplace productivity.

The second way is to publicly recognise employees for their contributions and achievements in whatever way you find most responsive. For example, you may choose to set up a monthly award given to the employee with the best work accomplished during that time period. Said employee might win a small bonus or access to a certain luxury in the office. This not only motivates your employees to do better work, but it also helps people that work hard for you find the recognition that they crave. By actively engaging in your employees, they should in turn engage in your company.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Credit Card In The Philippines

The first glimpse of money would probably be the barter system, where people exchanged goods with one another. But soon everyone saw its many drawbacks due to which something more legit had to be come up with. That is how money came into existence. It became the means of exchange for us, and from its initial stages of being metal coins, it has evolved to paper notes, plastic, and now has been completely virtual.

Money is a very important part of our daily life, and almost everything material depends on it. Be it the ice cream that you bought for your kid or the medicines you purchased for your mother, money is required everywhere. And yes, cash is a very safe means of making payments for anything, you are safe from any kind of fraud or identity theft, but sometimes you need to make payments for large sums of money and for those times, you cannot carry around bank notes everywhere. So here are a few reasons why one needs to have a credit card Philippines or any other place for that matter.


  • Travelling: Travelling to new places, and getting to experience their lifestyle and culture can be a lot of fun, but booking a room in a hotel, or reserving a call taxi can itself be difficult, add the element of using a debit card for all that and you have a recipe for fraud right there. Using credit cards is a much easier option whilst travelling. It also ensures that you never fall short of money.
  • More security: Compared to cash or debit cards, credit cards are much more secure. When it comes to cash, when it’s gone, it is gone, and debit cards are linked directly to your bank accounts, which means if they get stolen then you are really in trouble. Credit cards do not have all that baggage attached to them. They do not directly affect your bank account if stolen and they can be easily cancelled by calling your bank.
  • Credit history: When someone asks for a loan from any bank, the first thing that they look into is their credit history, and whether or not you are responsible with money. It is hard to know one’s credit history if they do not have a credit card, which would in turn make it hard to get a loan.
  • Refund cases: If you are not happy with the product that you purchased, asking for a refund can be difficult if you paid via cash. But if you paid with a credit card, then all you have to do is call your bank and ask them to reverse the transaction. Some banks that provide the best credit card Philippines provide this service as well.
  • Rewards: Banks give you rewards in the form of cash backs and airline miles, when you use their credit card services. These rewards get accumulated in your accounts and you can redeem them anytime you want. This is an interesting way in which banks get more customers to sign up for credit cards.

What Advantages Do You Sign Up For When You Hire Personal Injury Attorney Youngstown

The benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney Youngstown are many, especially when you have a strong case. So if you have suffered severe injuries, get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer without giving a second thought.

According to National Safety Council nearly 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million people were injured in the U.S due to road accidents.

The number of road accidents is increasing every year and oftentimes a person gets killed not due to his/her own faults. In case you have experienced auto accident and have suffered severe injuries, you must get in touch with a personal injury attorney at once. A personal injury lawyer would help you file a case against the offender and help you get the compensations for all the medical expenses, lost wages, etc. they will also help you fight against the insurance companies, in case they deny responsibility.

A number of people refrain from hiring personal injury attorney Youngstown, even if they have been victims of negligence since they think it is troublesome and expensive to hire a professional. On the contrary, it is often beneficial to take professional help since they provide the best advice and put in all their effort to help you win the case. Here are some of the major benefits of hiring personal injury attorney Youngstown:

Get the Best Advice

Not all cases of auto accidents Boardman lead to a personal injury case. So a personal injury attorney experienced in handling cases like yours will help you assess whether it is worth pursuing legal actions. If your case if not strong enough you can avoid all the stress, expenses and time for fighting the case and try settling the issue out of the court.

Get the Highest Settlement Amount

In most cases, the insurance company would represent the defender and try to settle the issue by offering a small amount of compensation. But you must get compensations based on the severity of your injuries. A personal injury attorney would help you get a better settlement amount by filing a case that would result in a higher verdict amount.

No Fees If You Don’t Win

Most personal injury lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means you only pay if you win the case. If you lose, you won’t be liable to pay any fees. You might be responsible for certain expenses like the doctor’s fees, court’s fees, etc. that is directly not related to the lawyer’s services, but you will not have to pay any lawyer’s fees.

Navigate through the Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury lawyer know the laws inside out and they also know how to make use of them to make sure you win the case. They also know how to place the arguments so that the case comes in your favour. You will also be saved from the ‘Statutes of Limitations’. This is the time limit within which you have to file a case and beyond this limit your case will not be considered valid.

Peace of Mind

Last but obviously not the least; you have peace of mind by hiring a personal injury attorney. The lawyers would represent you in the court, handle the proceedings, handle the negotiations with the insurance companies and take all the other hassles on their shoulders on your behalf, even though they know they will get nothing if they lose the case.

So, in case you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer without giving a second thought.

Author Bio: Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics. His recent write up talks about why you should hire a personal injury attorney Youngstown.

What Are The Different Aspects Of Office Management That You Can Learn About?

When you are the head secretary of an office, it is important that you understand every aspect of office management. When you are able to manage the office effectively, then everything is going to run smoothly and there are going to be very few problems that you have to deal with on a daily basis.

You can attend a course if you feel that your office management skills need to improve. What are the different aspects of office management that you can learn about from a course?

Verbal And Written Communication Skills

Your verbal and written communication skills need to be excellent when you are an office manager. You may be required to transcribe interviews or to welcome clients to the office. The verbal and written skills that you have can be improved when you go on management courses.

Office Organisation Skills

One of the most important skills that you can learn about office management on a course is the art of office organisation. As an office manager, it will be your responsibility to make sure that the layout of the office ensures maximum efficiency. You will also need to take into account how the office layout affects the safety of employees.

For example, you will be involved in the process of choosing the desks that are installed in the office. You will need to take employee feedback on board about how useful and comfortable the desks are. Also, you should pay attention to the ease of which employees are able to move around the office once new tables and desks have been installed.

Meeting Organisation And Minute Tracking Skills

As an office manager, it will be your responsibility to organise meetings. You will be in charge of preparing the room as well as to notify people in advance that they need to attend the meeting on a specific day and at a specific time.

When you are on a course, you can learn about the most effective scheduling tools that will allow you to remember which meetings are scheduled for a particular week. This will remove any confusion.

During a meeting, you will be required to take the minutes. This means that you will make notes about what is being discussed and at what point during the meeting. Afterwards, you can send the minutes of the meeting to the attendees via email.

Events Management Skills

Organising events will be your responsibility. This could be for a guest speaker to come to the office and give a presentation to the staff. Or you might be organising a dinner for the employees and managers to attend at the end of the year. You can learn events management skills from specialist tutors on a course.

Travel Organisation Skills

If the office employees or managers need to go on a business trip, it will be your responsibility to organise transportation and hotel arrangements.

You can learn many skills when you are on an office manager training course.

Get all your Will and probate issues resolved in the right manner

New Way Lawyers is a non-profit law firm which handles matters related to family and estate. The excellent teams of lawyers have extensive experience in matters of divorce, separation, estate litigation, tax, trusts, property, wills. They have more than a decade of expertise. They know problems that fall under respective categories and they also know how to take care of each of those problems.

If you have been left out of the will, or you have been entitled an insufficient amount in the will, we will help you in making the claim. In fact, if deceased have left no will behind, still we can make a claim. Will disputes also include challenging a will and contesting a will. It is a wise decision to seek help of a probate lawyer while contesting or challenging a will because no one will guide you matter than an attorney in such situation. However, the claim should never be unreasonable. Moreover, if you are an heir or beneficiary of a will and want to defend the will, or need help in drafting a will or reviewing the same then New Way lawyer is the place for you.


Attorneys in most cities are very common and therefore one has to be cautious while selecting them. They need to be reliable because you will be sharing details about your finance, property, family and so much should be disclosed only to those on whom you can place trust. Moreover, if a lawyer is dependable only then he or she will be able to draft a will which proves to be undisputable. After all, you are doing all this so that your children and spouse do not face any type of difficulty in future. Moreover, the wills and probate lawyers Brisbane has to be experienced. He or she should have requisite skills of the estate law to guide you the right way and give correct information. Therefore, it is important to check attorney’s area of expertise. Do they excel in wills and probate law?

A lawyer will assist you in awarding the right amount of assets to your loved ones. This is the first step, you and your lawyer discuss on the matter that who all will be provided for. They will guide you with respect to tax matters also. You can seek lawyer’s help in case you want to alter your will or make any kind of modifications.

There are two ways of solving problems associated with the estate, will or probate matters. The issues can be solved by involving the court or one can go for out of court settlement as well. At New Way Lawyers, attorneys prefer out of court settlement over investing client’s time and money in and around the court. However, if the situation is such that it needs court interference then our lawyer will certainly represent you.

The professionals working with us are, understanding and caring. If you are unfit to visit our office, they will come to your place and take care of everything. If you have any query related to estate matters or want to know more about our firm, services and members, visit http://www.newwaylawyers.com.au.

4 Golden Rules To Ensure Efficient Social Media-Based Customer Service

Social media channels have provided efficient platforms to customers to let their family and friends know about their experiences with varied brands.  Various customers have used these platforms to express their happiness or disappointments with respect to different businesses or brands.  Undeniably, businesses across domains have to keep their focus intact on the conversations that customers initiate through social media communication channels.  Not only this, businesses should also use these social media communication channels to engages with customers and prospects, and ensure them the most personalized support solutions.

Various businesses have already devised efficient framework regarding social media monitoring, and they even seek efficient outsourced call center services in order to keep a close eye on what their customers have to speak about their business offerings.  These social media platforms provide great opportunity and platform for businesses to engage with more than 2.3 billion worldwide.  More importantly, these platforms can help organizations develop accurate, analytics-driven insights regarding all the business influences, customer service trends, customer expectations, and even potential target markets.  Therefore, businesses nowadays cannot afford to ignore these communication channels.  However, most businesses and contact centers fail to deliver personalized and caring solutions to customers through social media communication channels.  This blog discusses 4 golden rules that can help you manage social media-based customer service in the most efficient manner.

Be careful about the language you speak on social media:  Undeniably, customer service exchange is all about the language in which your business representatives engage with customers.  This is so true that polite customer service executives can ensure excellent outsourced call center services through telephone or emails, which can invite enriching conversations.  Similarly, your social media customer service professionals should know the significance of language they speak on social media platforms.  The usage of foul language on social media platforms can cause you million dollar loss.  Besides this, you should also maintain distance with casual language that are prominent on social media.  You must understand that customers have the liberty to speak or communicate in casual manner, but your business representatives cannot afford to ignore the professional tone.  Therefore, your social media customer service professionals must be careful about the language they speak on social media.

Be quick to respond:  This is certainly a crucial aspect of customer service.  Whenever your customers initiate conversations with your business, it becomes your duty to respond as quickly as possible.  It is not surprise that long call waiting time can hamper the quality of telephone-based customer service.  Similarly, when you take significant amount of time to respond to customers on social media platforms, it will affect the quality of your social media-based customer service.  Therefore, businesses must ensure their customers that their queries and qualms are heeded by appropriate customer service representatives, and that they would be provided efficient solutions in the quickest span of time.  Importantly, through quick customer service exchange on social media channels, you can win customer loyalty as well.

Never ignore negative comments:  You must know that whenever a business firm launches or rolls out some customer-focused marketing campaigns, comments (both positive and negative) are bound to float in.  There is no denying to the fact that positive comments can induce a sense of happiness in your professionals, and negative comments will bother them.  However, you must know that these negative comments about specific offerings, campaigns, or outsourced call center services can help enterprises a lot in knowing about customer expectations.  More importantly, these negative comments can help you know about the loopholes, mistakes, and complications that your campaigns or offerings are laden with.  Thus, by paying attention to the negative comments on social media regarding your organizational initiatives, marketing campaigns, and business offerings, you can develop better insights on customer expectations.

Extend gratitude for positive comments:  As said before, your organizational campaigns and business initiatives can receive plenty of positive or negative comments on social media.  As negative comments give you a change to know about the crucial aspects of outsourced call center services or varied offerings, positive comments give you a golden opportunity to improve your rapport with the customers who share their positive experiences.  You should take these opportunities to extend your gratitude to them that can certainly invite more cordial relationships with customers.  Not only will it help you add value to your services, but will also help you win customer loyalty efficiently.

In short, these golden rules can help businesses a lot in ensuring efficient social media-based customer service solutions.

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Safety in the Industrial Zone

Are you the owner of an industry? Well, then it is always necessary from the part of you to ensure safety at the working place. It is due to the fact that if an employee or a visitor of your company faces any accident while visiting your office, it is you who will be  accused for the mishaps. It is because of that it is the authority or the owner who has the responsibility of looking after the safety of the employees as well as the visitors. In case the victim faces any fatal accident, he or she even lodges a complaint against you. Most of the accidents occur in the oil, gas, construction industries.

But don’t worry about it as there is a solution for you. If you want to ensure safety in the working place, here are some ways that definitely help you. Please note down the following points in order to avoid accidents or mishaps.

1)    Don’t Compromise with the Safety Over Budget: you may often give importance to the budget and compromise even with safety. But this is not the right approach. You have to think if the accident occurs, what will be consequences. Your employees are more important than your budget as you may generate more sales revenues if your employees give you more productivity.

2)    Install the Anti-Slip Stair Treads: it is seen that stairs are the most accident prone areas. So, it is important to take safety measure so that the stairs remain safe. The best step will be done from the part of you if you install FRP anti-slip stairtreads. It will definitely minimize the possibility of accidents on the stairs. In case the stairs become wet, there is a high possibility of slipping. But if you install this product, the anti-slip feature reinforces safety.

3)    Hire the Right Contractors: before hiring any contractor, make sure that he has the ability to ensure safety. Get information about him and pay attention to the fact that he is experienced enough to provide the best services.

4)    Implement Fall Prevention System: Installing fall prevention system in the industries is a must do the job. There are many kinds of systems that prevent from falling. Fibreglass grating and handrails are such accessories that keep you safe. As FRP grating is anti-slip, installing this you will be secured. Apart from this, the GRP handrail, provide the climbers balance while accessing stairs.

5)    Keep Well Maintenance of the Industry: performing regular maintenance on the equipment is very important. It is not possible that all the equipment and products function in the same way that it used to do. Because of this maintenance is required. Inspection and maintenance of the equipment should be performed on a regular basis so that the products not only safe to use, but also lasts for a long time.

So, these are some simple and basic ways to keep your industries safe and secured. You must notice how a simple step can minimize the chances of mishaps. Therefore, pay attention to the above-mentioned points and stay safe.

Consulting Services For Easy Launch And Apprvals

Many people look for best consulting companies which have the ability for assisting in the product launch and expanding as well as improving the products. Right from the approval of the product, packing of the products, manufacturing as well as checking for the quality, the best consulting companies help in assisting. There are experts who help in different products like cosmetics, medicines and other health products. There consulting companies always work with any scale companies like small or medium or large. They always see that each client is given equal importance and they are provided with the best service.

Consultants for easy procedures

The consultant company provides their clients the best service and ensures success with their promote service. The cosmetic consultants always provide best service offers. They provide best services and they help their clients in coming up with new products. They take care of required procedures like submissions for permissions. They even take necessary steps for the product label. The audits at the manufacturing units are conducted by them. They take care of the product recall issues and other complaints from the opponents and competitors. The product packing is also checked. They even look after the designs and commission trails. These consultants always provide experts who are trained in different areas. The consultants who are experts in regulations, safety, quality and other matters must be selected. They make sure to help the companies with the regulations related to the packing, labeling of the cosmetics. Many consultants for cosmetics offer regulation affairs such as reviewing the product labels and inserts, advertising for the clients. The consultants have their proprietary software through which they review the ingredients. The consultants also submit the necessary things for product registrations and cosmetic notifications. The quality assurance will also be done where the manufacturing systems are check for the evaluation and the consultants also look for the consumer complaints and reactions.  The consultants also provide the scientific services where the specification of the product is mentioned and then the product is evaluated and the packing is checked.

Help in reviewing and launching

Consultants for cosmetics also help in natural health products. Generally natural health products are of wide range and are taken from natural ingredients which contain tropical products and other ingredients like drugs and foods. The consultants will help you to launch your products in the market easily and successfully. Many consultants offer the regulatory affairs which serve for reviewing the data clinically as well as scientifically which will help the company in advertising as well as packing. The consultants also help in submission and preparation of the application which need to get approved for the product for its natural product number. The consultants take care of all the approval charges like labeling, product formulation and other modifications. They take care of the applications needed for the approval and also for the renewal of packing, importing, manufacturing and also license approval.  They look for the quality assurance and they take care of conducting audits and inspections. They even take steps for preparing and reviewing the procedures.  They look for the completion of the tests.