Digital BPO companies: An innovative awareness

Mankind experienced an instant growth in technology. For instance, print advertisement upgraded to digital promotion of brands. Not so long ago, we were using phones that had limited features but now the smart-phones can even guide us through an unpaved path. Connecting with your friends and relatives became much easier. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google bring to mind an emerging technological era. With the emerging social network, outsourcing businesses are also reaching new heights of success. A lot of BPO companies are initiating the awareness of social media in the field of marketing.

Conventional method of managing businesses are long gone. The market industry has understood the beneficial effects of collaborating with a BPO company. Aligning strategic goals for both front office as well as back office, the outsourcing business is transforming market achievements. But the future looks dark if you stick to the age old philosophies of BPO services. Due to inadequate space and time for back-office and front-office task, many companies are decelerating its hold in the market picture.

Along with growth, BPO companies must retain technological advancement because a new innovative idea today is an old idea tomorrow. So, how do BPO companies cater services to their highly technical clients? By going digital. Emerging “digital BPO companies” are evolving with the generations. The rapid growth of digital technology has a serious business link with tech based companies, social and new-generation media corporations which are high in demand now.

Businesses must notice that a hyper funded valuation is important but unless an organisation is the best-in-class system growth and sustenance of a company is doubtful. To be eventually demanded you have to supply. Considering the method of digital BPO services, an organisation has the facility of trading their products and services globally.

Hi-tech companies are looking for developing brand-name technology and platforms for business industries worldwide. Businesses are developing, transforming and building profound industry adeptness, analytical modules and universal partnership. They are rethinking, renovating and re-executing several business models to nurture skills for processing, better servicing and digital incorporation. A smart move to make here is, not just investing high valuation on digital technologies but also incubating digital BPO services to execute potential evaluation. As this is the only way to sustain an eternal business-model, the need to collaborate with an expert BPO company was felt across the industries.

What’s important for a digital BPO service provider? From a BPO service provider’s perspective, the crucial aspect is building a strong linkage between the business environment and the customer’s setting. Catering services on digital ground shall build exceptional and precise industry platforms. With the development of these innovative, digitally advanced industries, the conventional methods of a BPO company’s limits must be pushed.

The new digital BPO service centre brings you a collection of innovative BPO operations, groundwork, hi-tech support and realignment of organisation. This benefits maximum outsourcing and various integrated service. Digitally-empowered BPO company shall have a wide range of transformation in business process which is empowered by the next-generation intelligent and enhanced platforms.

Innovative accumulation of advanced BPO service providers offers distinctive ways to connect with the customers. Social media grounds like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and now Whatsapp, Snapchat etc attracts customers on a daily basis. Sponsored ads as well as organic materials available in Google or other search engines has inevitable customers nationally and internationally. Universal in nature many innovative digital BPO companies have already started the online campaign. Courses in the field of technology are creating history every day. Future is unpredictable, but digital BPO companies are not. Sustainable business are uprooted with ideas of innovation. A firm willing to compromise with the traditional norms and acquire fresh concepts will arise as champions. Risk has to be taken to build a bolder business root.

BPO companies must continue following new ideas and extend their horizons beyond organizational limits to engage with the administrative level of work and also with the customers, the suppliers and other pertinent stakeholders. With high speed internet facility, everyone can access instant information about customers, companies or services. It is mandatory for each forward-looking BPO company to participate actively in the high communicative era to connect with customers and prospects in order to improve productivity. The strategy here is not just to sponsor products and services but also to let customers know about their products.

Xiaomi MI Note2: The device that can ease the access

In the modern days, there are many devices which have been a part of one’s life now. Since the evolution of the technology of Android, the smartphones have seen constant updating. There are many companies in the field of manufacturing, but with the entry of Xiaomi, the scenario of the mobile market has completely changed. The Chinese telecom leader has doubtlessly driven the market to a different direction. It was previously in the field of consumer electronics but keeping the expansion of the business in mind; the operators decided to launch various smartphones. Understanding the user needs and limitations, it has launched some excellent devices, which proved much beneficial to the users. That is why with every new model launch, the company has got additional client base, which strengthened the market share of the company.

This Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer has today proven a big challenge to the mobile leaders such as Samsung and Apple also. The company has MI series in its lap that has got huge success in the market. The features of this device are such which usually the buyers of premium segment devices were only getting. Those who wanted to have these features in a budget phone were not able to have them, but Xiaomi offered it in budget devices also, and hence, those buyers who wanted quality features in medium range device turned to this brand. The company is going to launch one more amazing deviceXiaomi MI Note2, in coming days that is on 15 June 2017. The device is yet to be launched but the features of the same are disclosed which have made buyers to wait for launching of the same. As per the market experts, this power packed device will also get a grand welcome in the Indian market and force the rivals to reset their marketing and production strategies. There are some price comparison sites where the potential buyers can check the feature and compare it with the leading devices in the market from different brands. This can help one check the price and features of the device and decide which device he wants to go for.

Display and Screen

The device will be available with typical architecture of the brand and amazing look. It will have a screen size of 5.7 inch, and hence the users who love to use big devices will love to get on it. It will be available in two colours which are Glacier Silver and Piano Black which look much professional while using in front of others. It will be a dual SIM device with GSM+GSM operation.

The dimensions of the device are 156.2×77.3×7.3 mm which makes it look trendy and stylish. The weight of the device is only 166 gm which is much below than the average smartphones in the market, and hence the users can easily carry the device.

The best feature of this device is the front and back of the case are made of aluminium which makes it sturdier. It will accommodate two Nano SIMs. The screen resolution is 1440×2560 pixels, and the pixel density of this device is 515 PPI.


For a smartphone, the camera is an important aspect and buyer looks at its first. This device has the back camera with 22.5 MP, and the front one is with 8 MP. Hence for those who love to keep on capturing the images this device is a perfect one. It has Exmor-RS CMOS sensor for better quality pictures and shoots. The dual colour LED flash with the primary camera helps much to have some excellent images. It has two shooting options which are continuous shooting and HDR mode. There are other features such as touch to focus, Auto flash, digital zoom, and face detection. There is no flash for the front camera.


This phone has Android v6.0 which is known as Marshmallow. It is equipped with the quad-core 2.35 GHz Dual core Kryo and 2 GHz Dual core Kryo. It has 4 GB RAM with Adreno 530 Graphic. The architecture of this device is 64-bit, and the chipset it has got is Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro. The surprise about this device is it does not have FM radio. There are other sensors such as gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, light sensor, and proximity sensor.

Storage and Battery

As far as the storage is concerned the device has 64 GB internal memory, but there is no provision for expandable memory which is a disappointing factor for those who want to have more memory. However, as the device supports the OTG, one can use the pen drive with the device.

This device has 4070 mAh Li-polymer battery with the facility of quick charging that can be much useful for the users who have to deal with phone each and every moment.

Connectivity options

The device has numerous connectivity options such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. There are Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot features as well as Dual Nano SIMs for mobile data. There is also Bluetooth v4.2 for easy exchange of data and images as well as songs and videos. It also has NFC facility for the easy access. There is GPS with A-GPS and Glonass.


This smartphone will be available in India at the price of Rs27990, which makes it in the lower premium segment. The users in this segment love to have a high memory, which the device does not offer. However, it offers the OTG support, and hence the users can store the data externally but access the same on the device.


There are excellent features in Xiaomi MI Note2that are loved by the users in the routine life. Easy navigation and beautiful device, as well as battery backup, are some of the key areas that attract the buyers. The ease of data and OTG support makes it much attractive in the premium as well as a lower premium segment. However, it will take few days to say whether the device will be a huge hit or average at this stage, and hence, let the time only solve this mystery after the launch of the device. Considering the brand and its image, there is hardly any doubt about the success of the device, and hence in the near future, the rivals will also have to change their marketing and branding policies.


How To Correct Your Posture

Modern life can bring you with so lots of convenience, but it is also taking much from you, especially the health problems. In this article, we will discuss about one of the aching matters that happen to a great amount of officers. It is the posture problems. The image of an office with silent uniformed people sitting hours by hours in front of the computer screen is gradually familiar to us. But few people spend time considering how that prolonged sitting affects your spine and posture. That is only one of the various typical examples. There are more and more activities which can do harm to your body and make your postures become abnormal and sometimes make you uncomfortable such as sleeping with wrong position, standing for a long time, driving, carrying bags or heavy things on the same shoulder, etc. All of these can easily become bad habit, slowly affect and damage your spine and your neck. It can even create the terrible pain when become serious. The first advice is that you need to listen to your body more properly. You should notice that when you feel the pain on your back or neck, it is possibly that you have suffered poor posture for a long time. And if the situation is even more serious (the pain gets worse and constantly in days or weeks), maybe it is not helpful at all without asking the medical advice. It is fortunate that scientists have realized the situation soon and they found some easily methods to improve it. In this article, we will supply readers with some simple ways to correct your bad posture.

1. Keeping your body aligned

One of the very first suggestions is that you should train the habits of distributing your body weight evenly when standing. Try to regularly pay attention to your position. Keep the body straight and balance to the front, back and left/right sides. In case you often sit on a chair in your office, get used to sitting straight with your ears, shoulders and hips in a line. You should also stand up to do some tiny exercises after sitting for hours. Even you have got a good sitting position, it becomes bad if you keep it for a long time. Avoid abnormal postures like leaning to one side for too long, tilting your head to sides, hunching your shoulders or unevenly crossing your legs.

2. Trying yoga

In addition to being a shoulder pain relief, yoga is one of the most incredible ways to help you correct your posture. Making friends with yoga is one of the best advices for you. Judi Bar, manager of the yoga program at Cleveland clinic’s Wellness Institute says ““Lengthening the spine is really just coming to a normal, well-aligned, physiologically good stance.” According to her opinion, yoga is one of the most thorough methods to lengthen your spine. Some of the simple yoga activities are recommended for particular problems of your body. For example, if you wish to have your muscles relaxed, you may try the cat pose: place the knees and hands on the floor while round your back toward it. To maintain your healthy spine, try the mountain pose: raise your chin while rolling the shoulders back to get the arms relax by your sides. To improve the neck and upper back, activate your laziest arm muscle while stretching the tightest ones. Applying these patiently and you will gradually get back your healthy, strong spine and muscles features with nice postures.

3. Trying 135 degree angle sitting

This advice is given by an expert of health care and it is applied widely all over the world. The important point here is that you have to remember to practice the position. Choose a good chair which can help to train your back. Sit straightly and slowly move your back until your body line make an angle of about 135 degrees to the chair vertical line. This position may decrease the stress on your spine and help you to avoid neck aches.

4. Avoiding sitting on your feet.

Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, American Chiropractic Association’s spokeswoman said that: “Women are the guiltiest party of this. This is a big-time problem because you’re creating a tremendous amount of external rotational problems with that hip and knee.” She suggests that people should not sit on their feet more than 10 seconds, and avoid making habit of sitting on the feet. Prolonged sitting on that position may create bad effects on your knee and hip. In some unavoidable cases, try to cross your legs to make the circulation by putting pressure on 2 legs in turns.

5. Holding your smart tools properly

A lot of people often ignore this issue while it is one of the most annoying habit that cause bad posture and problems on the spine, neck and shoulders. As you know, most officers now own a smart phone or a tablet. After 8 hours working at their office, they continue to sit or lie holding the phone/tablet in wrong positions. This is extremely bad for the body while they have to bend the head down to the screen. Try to hold the phone straight with both hands in front of your face. If you are just reading, try to put your phone or tablet on the table without touching them.

How to Choose Between Custom Rubber Bracelets and Custom Tyvek Bands?

There are many types of bracelets and wristbands in the market. There are suppliers which sell a particular type of wristband however there are others which sell different types of bands. The difference of the wristbands lie in the features of the bands. Features of the bands include the material, multiple or single use ones, the closure type, etc. The customers can choose as per the need and as per the event for which it is going to be used.

The custom rubber bracelets are the ones which are popular for multiple uses and can be worn and removed multiple times without being damaged. However, the custom tyvek bands are different from the rubber bracelets in a way that they need to be destroyed to be removed. The rubber band bracelets should be bought when the customer has to preserve the bracelet even after use whereas custom tyvek wristbands are best used for security purposes or for one time entry. The one time entry is ensured by the use of bar code or different coloured designs on these bands.

Designing and customisation looks best both with the artwork as well as with the quotes or texts as well. The colors are vibrant however the custom bands can have two tones or multiple tones to it. The custom bands add a different touch to a particular event. The names and styles can be used to signify something special like a theme or something. Each and every custom tyvek wristband when destroyed cannot be worn again and hence security is ensured by using the same.

As far as the prices are concerened then it is impossible to beat the lowest prices offered by wrist-band. The online supplier is super easy to avail and the impact of using the custom rubber bracelets and custom tyvek wristbands is huge. Get 24×7 customer service for designing, ordering and emailing other queries as well. The customers are made sure to be satisfied with the services as well as with the products at wrist-band.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Tire for Your Car

For over a century, tires have been the most important safety feature of a vehicle as these are in direct contact with the road. Even the most sophisticated engine, strong brakes and the advanced anti-skid system are all at the mercy of tire’s grip. Every single move of your car, whether through steering wheel or brakes, is transmitted to road through the four notepad-sized contact patches of the falken tyre.

Since the tire happens to be so important to your vehicle, it would simply be equivalent to taking a huge risk if your car tires are underinflated and worn. There are few things that you should consider while buying the most suitable falken tyre for your vehicle. So let’s discuss it further

Understand the Basics

As we all know, tire is a flexible container of compressed air that supports the vehicle’s load. From propelling a vehicle forward, backward and side to side, it cushions the load due to road imperfections as well. Having been associated with over 19-25 different components, the tires are actually built from inside out. Inner liner is actually the heart of every tire that’s supposed to give tire a perfect shape alongside holding in the air. On the sidewall of every falken brand tyre, there is an alphanumeric code that actually describes the dimensions of the tire.

Choose the Right Tire

While replacing the tire, the biggest mistake a consumer often makes is not using the correct size. The funny thing here is that you don’t really have to work hard to get the perfect size of car tyre. Just check the sidewall of the tire you currently have, you will find a code that states the actual size of the tire. For instance; the sample code is P195/60R16 63H M+S

  • P – Tire Type
  • 195 – Width of the tire (in mm)
  • 60 – Sidewall Aspect ratio compared to the width
  • R – Radial construction
  • 16 – Rim Diameter (in inches)
  • 63 – Tire’s load rating
  • H – Tire’s speed rating
  • M+S – Tire is suitable for all-season driving

Where to Buy?

For sure, drivers have plenty of options when it comes to buying the new set of tires. Returning to the dealership usually happens to be the most expensive option as they often replace the worn tire saw the original-equipment tires. Normally, this option would cost 2 time more than going to the local shop down the street.

In case you want to go for an even better option, simply visit the discount tire retailer. These tire distributors sell at the extreme discounts. Well you don’t even have to visit them, in fact, they are just a call away from you. Furthermore, the online mediums aren’t all that bad even. You will simply need to do an extra research on how much will it cost. A local shop charges a consumer to mount and balance the tires, including any other additional fees (if any), like disposing the old rubbers etc.


Choosing the right tire for your car is very important. So just check out the article and learn some tips.

Pros and Cons of Using Your Smartphone as an Educational Tool

Gone are the days when having a smartphone in the classroom was resulted into confiscation and detention. But now, many schools are increasingly accepting it as a useful learning tool. While a handful of kids get a laptop for daily work in a classroom, many use smartphones as they are on the go. And also when they are given internet access, there are many educational apps that encourage students to learn anytime and anywhere.

However, when students are provided with such privilege, it is not easy to make them limit the use of their phones to academics only. Like other methodologies, smartphones have their own ups and downs no matter who (teacher or student) uses it.

Advantages of Using Smartphone

Let’s look over some of the advantages of using smartphone in a classroom, first.

Student Comfort

Experts agree with the fact unanimously that no teaching method is perfect but using a tool that students are comfortable with is amongst the most effective teaching methods. In today’s world particularly, students are familiar to smartphones like a basic pen and paper. Therefore, it is easier to tell students to look at their phones rather than flip through monotonous book pages.

Bringing Life to a Classroom

With the help of audio and visual capabilities of a smartphone, education has become more entertaining and lively for disinterested students whether kids or teenagers. Visual learning via music, voice, and video images is a quite efficient way to understand difficult concepts for confused students. And eventually, it makes the teaching process a lot more engaging.

Quick Answers

The use of smartphones is a ready source of debatable answers. When the students get any questions, it becomes much easier for teachers to find the answer and get it resolved by just a quick glance at their smartphone. Not only that it saves time, but exposes learners to extra information on the spot when they search for it.

Social learning/ Group Study

With the help of a variety of virtual chat-rooms and texts, and online groups; smartphones encourage students to work in groups. They are allowed to share important information and their discoveries on common subjects, projects, assignments. While they all are moving together towards one goal, notes must be shared in a manner that they all are comfortable.

In addition, students get connected to other like-minded students around the world to broaden their minds and expand the scope of their thinking as well.

Disadvantages of Using Smartphone


Unsurprisingly, students always get distracted while using smartphone for learning by new mobile applications. More often they are likely to get distracted by mobile application like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Other than that, there are many game applications and video streaming applications which affect students’ concentration in the classroom.

Cheating in Exams

Cheating with the use of cell phones is increasingly becoming a huge issue in many schools. Student can either text answers under their desks, view notes, or even use internet to find answers to the questions in test. Teachers always need to be very conscious regarding the matter or else the student will be facing serious consequences from school.

Inappropriate Contact and Cyberbullying

If possible, it would be really difficult for teachers to stop student view their phones in the classroom. Since the digital world could be dangerous for many students, it convinces them to share inappropriate imagery. Eventually, the young students find themselves the target of cyberbullying. Use of phone ins the classrooms may expose young learners to such dangers inadvertently − contrary to the goals of educators who are devoted to the safety of their students.


In the end, it won’t be wrong saying that the use of cell phones is more helpful to students than its downfalls. Educators should not band the use of mobile phones but guide students on how to use it for improving grades. Teachers can acquaint learners with some quirky ways to enhance knowledge with the use of technology (mobile phones). A cell phone is not much bad as a gadget, we just have to find some better ways to use it.

Author Bio

Adam Harvey is a Los Angeles based reporter who covers technology, social media, politics, sports, eco-travel, etc. he graduated with a bachelor of arts in creative writing, and a masters of arts in Journalism. Besides, he backs various online institutions for offering online life experience degree programs because he believes in the equality of individuals in society.

How Telemarketing Help Businesses Grow?

If you will happen to ask a business owner what is his most prized possession, chances are quite high that he will answer that it is the reputation of his business that he value the most. It is the market reputation of a business that widens its reach among audience and allows it to stir an interest in the targeted audience. If done right, marketing can help an organisation penetrate the toughest customer base and acquire more businesses.

The important aspect of marketing is to do the endorsement in the most efficient and effective manner. For ages, orgnanisations have been making use of different mediums to connect with prospects and get them acquainted with their offerings. They make use of different interactive channels like newspaper, television, radio channels, telephones and social media platforms to reach out to their target, endorse their products and give them information about organisational updates. Though all these mediums have their own importance, but one medium that stands out every aspect is telephone. Among all these mediums, telephone is the only medium that enables business representative to not only interact with customers, but also get their response at the same time. Speaking on telephone enables both a business representative and customer to listen to each other and decipher each other’s voice tone. This allows business representatives to get an insight of what the customer might be thinking and form their response accordingly.

For years, marketing teams of organisations have been making the most of what telephone has to offer to them. They have exploited every opportunity that telephone provides to the extent that there is a different domain called telemarketing to care of the endorsements that are meant to be made over telephone. Even in the age of internet and social media, major section of business organisations rely on their telemarketing team to spread a word about their offerings and help them acquire new clients and customers.

Though, telemarketing may seem an easy job, but it is easier said than done. And that is why, an increasing number of business organisations prefer subcontracting the function to telemarketing companies in UK, India and other nations.

Telemarketing is the sub-domain of marketing and knowing how important a role marketing plays in the success of a company, no company can take marketing or telemarketing lightly. Over the years, telemarketing has emerged out as one such function that businesses across the world like to subcontract to vendors who have professionals who can efficiently manage the daunting task of endorsing their offerings over telephone.

There has been a surge in the numbers of telemarketing companies in UK, India and other nations. This rise in the number is to meet the increasing demand of telemarketers across the globe. These companies hire qualified and experienced professionals, who have a knack for tele-calling, endorsing products and stirring interest in prospects. These professionals are specially trained to make professional calls and talk on the behalf of a business. They make use of latest tools and technology to identify prospect, conduct research before reaching out to the prospect and give them accurate knowledge about the product and service that is on offer. To convince prospects, it is important that telemarketers are themselves convinced about the product or service that they are endorsing.  Telemarketing companies in UK and other countries take special care of this point and conduct regular training sessions to nurture soft skills of their agents and impart knowledge about the products that they are endorsing so that they would sound convincing to prospects and provide them with accurate knowledge.

A company that formulates efficient marketing strategies and implements them effectively is bound to climb the ladder of success. If you too want your business to scale impeccable heights, then we recommend that you must avail the services offered by telemarketing companies in UK and other nations.

Effects of GST on suppliers of e-commerce platforms

According to recent study, it is anticipated that India’s e-commerce industry will cross Rs.11,000 crore by 2020. It is also projected that the sector will grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of over 50%, the highest across all the nations across the globe. The move of currency demonetisation and the recent push towards a digital economy has propelled the growth in e-commerce industry.

These are certainly very exciting times for a supplier that is selling the goods on e-commerce platforms. This platform certainly gives them an access to customers residing in distant geographies. E-commerce certainly provides them with low operational costs and there is a certain level of scalability that is brought to the table. In the present scenario, taxation related to e-commerce transactions has a lot of ambiguity and different states have separate tax structures. With GST set to be in motion, these suppliers would require appropriate GST training.

Let us now try to enhance our understanding about GST on suppliers of various online marketplaces.

  • Availability of input credit
  • Current tax structure

As per the current tax regime, online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms levy Service Tax on a wide-array of services provided to various suppliers on their platform, like logistics, warehousing, platform commission etc. Suppliers of various goods and services on these marketplaces cannot claim input credit on various taxes paid on such services, as it becomes more of a cost.

  • GST regime

There would be a positive impact on the suppliers who have registered on the GST portal as there would certainly be an availability of input credit. Under the unified tax structure, GST, input credit would certainly be accessible on all the given inputs that would be used for taking the business operations in a forward direction. As a result of this, it would lead to a reduction in the overall cost of operations, adding up to their costs.

  • Uniform tax structure across all states
  • Current structure

Under the current regime for indirect taxes, suppliers of goods and services have to keep a tab on the taxation rules for various states, as per the product or service they offer. The same product is levied a tax on different rates in different states. In some of the cases, marketplaces levy multiple taxes on the same product. A majority of the states are levying entry tax for entry of goods sold online.

  • GST Regime

Once GST comes into effect, there would be uniformity in taxes across all the states in India, regardless of the fact whether the product is sold inside a brick and mortar store or through an online channel. A proper GST training module will certainly improve the level of understanding for all suppliers on these e-commerce platforms.

Tips to choose colors for a website

Quite often, people cannot stop their choice on a suitable design for their web site, entrusting its creation to professionals. Indeed, it is not that simple to determine what kind of style will correspond your business and reflect the specifics of your firm. You may have your head overfilled with ideas or you may have no ideas at all, in any case it is really hard to make up your mind and decide what kind of online resource you really want to get at the end. The specialist from one of the developing companies in NY warn those people, who have decided to create company web site to take the choice of its design and style very seriously, as this factor may influence the success of your company greatly.

It is not a secret that day after day, more and more people tend to buy goods not in the regular stores, but in the online shops, as such purchases allow to save not only your time, but also money. So, the web site of the company turns from a simple business card to a shop window, which presents your products to online customers. That is why its is so important to pay a serious attention to its development. It is necessary to create such a resource, which, from the first sight, will awake interest of online customers and make them buy goods that you offer.

The experts in the sphere of site development from NY firm say that color plays one of the most important roles in web design. So, in case you have problems with choosing the best style for your companys online resource the specialists advise to begin with the selection of the appropriate color palette. The color palette is a set of colors used in the design of the site. The specialists from NY advise to put special requirements to the choice of color palette, because the colors do not only define the appearance of your site, but is also associated with your brand on the Internet. Most palettes consist of 2 or 4 colors except white and black. Lets try to figure out the best way to create a color palette for the site, with the help of useful tips from NY designers.

First of all it is very important to choose a primary color. Therefore, if you already have a logo, it is better to use the color, which is used as the main color of your logo. If you have to choose the color from scratch, you can use the other way. Try to analyze the audience of your website in terms of age or social criteria. It is clear that the older generation will prefer to browse the site that is created with the use of pastel colors, while young people will definitely appreciate bright and eye-catching design.

Another rule, which you should keep in mind when choosing a color palette for your web site is contrast. It is important to choose colors that provide good contrast between text and background images. For example, it is easy to read black on white or white on black. But the orange text on a brown background will not provide enough contrast. Such color palette will definitely create an inconvenience to readers.

Once you have chosen a color scheme that provides a good contrast between text and background, you need to select additional colors. Typically, this are shades of your basic colors. They can be used in text links or decorative shadows in text. Do not overload the site with lots of colors, it will create unnecessary chaos and scare off your visitors. It is advisable to use from 4 to 6 colors on the site.


How to use the power of DISC profiling to improve your workflow

The personality of an employee plays an important part in how he conducts himself at his workplace. Some people are natural leaders while others are more comfortable working in a team. It is therefore important that the personality traits of an individual are clearly understood so that he can be placed in the right place to get the maximum work out of him. To do this job in a systematic and scientific way you need a help of experts who through personality assessment test can evaluate the behavioral pattern of an individual.

Among the many personality assessment tests available in the market, the disc assessment online test is considered amongst the best. In this test, a holistic view of the personality of an individual is taken so that the employee understands his strengths and weaknesses and shapes his activity accordingly to achieve greater productivity. For those employers who are looking for the right kind of employees to fit into their established structure go for disc assessment online tool to get a complete picture about the candidates’ personality profile. This would help them to select the best possible candidate for the job.

The overall structure of the disc assessment online tool is very simple and the candidates have to answer a few objective questions about different scenarios in the life and based on these answers, the profile of a candidate is determined. The disc assessment online test basically separates a person’s behavior into four main categories; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The main characteristic of these personalities is as follows.

Dominance: Those people who have this type of personality shows go-getting tendencies and are more tuned into the big picture. Instead of following others, they want to change their environment to get better results. They are very strong willed, determined and self-motivated. They are also very independent minded people and value competency in their colleagues highly. If an employee has the dominant trait, then he should expend his energy in showing patience for others in the team. He should allow more deliberation in the team and not take decisions independently.  All these steps will improve the team dynamics, thereby improving the productivity.

Influence: A person who has Influence trait is basically a team builder and likes to work by managing others. He has great man-management skills and always works through consensuses. A person with Influence as his personality trait does not always follow through with his plan and give more importance to relationship and group activity to create a supporting environment to do a job. He is also more trusting and has a warm personality that allows people to approach him in any difficulty.

Steadiness: A person with steadiness as his personality trait is highly cooperative and believes in giving genuine appreciation to motivate other team members. A person with the steadiness personality trait always believes in achieving his personal goal with active cooperation with others. Such a person should focus more on thinking about his own interest also and not sacrifice it always for the benefit of the group. He should also confront those people who are pursuing their own interest at the cost of the company.

Conscientiousness: This fourth personality trait according to disc assessment online test is for those individuals who are more interested in gaining new knowledge to increase the accuracy of their work. They believe in maintaining the stability of the group to create a healthy and productive environment at the workplace. Such people should focus more on delegating tasks and let go their personal goal that inhibits the group productivity.