How to take good care of your passport?

Passport is one of the most important travel documents especially when travelling beyond borders. Losing or having it stolen abroad may prove dreadful and costliest experience. Here’s how to take good care of your Dominica passport while going off to enjoy holidays!

Always come prepared

  • Before booking an international trip, make sure your passport holds validity for at least six months beyond the return date.
  • Always keep a record of the passport number, date and place of issuance which is quite convenient nowadays thanks to smart applications.
  • Carry two copies of the Dominica passport; hand over one to a trustworthy friend or relative and travel along with the other one. Be sure the photocopy is always kept separate from the original document.
  • Scan the original passport and email the impression to your personal ID. This way, you can always print it anywhere, anytime in case of emergency.
  • Always travel along with additional photographic identifications and keep them isolated from the original passport. In fact, you can always save valuable time by taking along extra copies of the document itself.

Taking care during travel

  • It’s better keeping the Dominica passport in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent against water damage just in case.
  • Be careful not to leave the passport unattended or lying on the floor of the hotel room or anywhere especially when you’re transiting from a country to another.
  • Determine your position and the place; keep the passport in the safest-possible place. Just in case there isn’t a safe spot where you can store the document, don’t hesitate asking the hotel manager.
  • Buy a utility belt which is far more convenient in keeping important stuff at an arm’s length; concealed money belt is a good option.
  • Be extra vigilant if someone asks you to surrender the passport. Always confirm if it’s a legitimate source before blindly handing over the travel document!
  • Don’t ever submit the passport or any other important travel document in exchange for services such as car hire! Ask if they accept any other form of ID or consider asking the locals only if you feel doing so.
  • When the inevitable or unexpected actually happens that is the passport gets stolen or lost, report to the local authorities within 24-hours of the event, contact travel agent in your country and obtain a written report from the authorities.
  • Remember, the only time you present the original copy of the Dominica passport is when crossing the borders, at the airport, hotel check-in or filing a request at the police station.

When you’re away

  • It’s obvious you don’t travel everywhere in your own country with a passport especially when shopping for groceries or any other domestic duty, always keep the passport at home in safest possible place and away from your child’s reach (if you’ve one).
  • Some of the local banks offer locker facilities to keep your valuables so that’s another option where you can keep the passport along with other essential documents and stuff.


Follow the above tips to ensure your passport is always safe!

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