How to Effectively Increase Employee Engagement

According to recent studies, the level of employee engagement has been on a downhill slant for the last decade across all industries. In the most recent report, Gallup Research found that up to 70 percent of workers were either not well-engaged with their work or were actively disengaged with it. While there is still some debate over the validity of that conclusion, it is known by high-ranking officials of nearly all business sectors that employees need help retaining their engagement in work. Well-chosen team leads, proper etiquette, and open opportunities for communication are all important factors in the continued struggle to increase employee engagement across the board. However, the big question many companies ask and is, “How?”

Start at the Top

Long before you can get the employees on the lowest rung of your company engaged, you must do whatever you can to show that you, the company owner, are also engaged. By setting the standard by example, you utilise one of the most effective employee engagement strategies you can deploy as a company. Employees must see their leadership actively and effectively demonstrating the characteristics and behaviours asked of them every single day. In fact, in companies where the leaders modelled the behaviour desired of all employees, workers were 55 percent more engaged, 53 percent more focused and overall more likely to stay at the company.

Be Transparent

Employee engagement in Singapore is about being direct and honest with your employees with anything and everything that you can. The transparency of your management has a direct, 94 percent correlation with employee happiness across the board. Trusting employees with sensitive information gives them a sense that they have a deeper investment in the company and helps to create a more cooperative team atmosphere. This is the opposite of the more common relationship in the office, which focuses on an “us versus them” perception of the situation. By bringing your employees into the inner fold of the company, you show them that you consider them an important part of the operation.

Offer Visibility

This can be accomplished in one or both of two different ways. First, you should ensure that your managers and team leaders are accessible and visible around the office during any given time throughout the work day. Employees will be able to see them as approachable and available for guidance and assistance if they know that their leaders are around and available to them whenever they have need. That said, it is important that you find the balance between invisibility and micromanaging because too much overcrowding can negatively affect workplace productivity.

The second way is to publicly recognise employees for their contributions and achievements in whatever way you find most responsive. For example, you may choose to set up a monthly award given to the employee with the best work accomplished during that time period. Said employee might win a small bonus or access to a certain luxury in the office. This not only motivates your employees to do better work, but it also helps people that work hard for you find the recognition that they crave. By actively engaging in your employees, they should in turn engage in your company.

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