How to choose the right type of car battery?

Power, energy and life; that’s what a car battery’s all about and essential to make sure your vehicle starts every day. Almost all the functions of your vehicle including lights, wipers, air-condition, cigarette lighter, Bluetooth and others are powered by car battery.

Whenever your car’s running, the battery is being charged but there comes a time when it had lived its life to the fullest therefore must be replaced. The details given below would familiarise you with various types and how to identify the best car battery in Dubai that fits your vehicle.

Starting, Lighting & Ignition (SLI) batteries

One of the most common and majority of automobile batteries are Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries. Just as the name implies, the batteries helps in starting the car, provide power to the ignition, radio, lighting and other mechanisms crucial for driving. SLIs have a thin charge cycle (total time to exhaust the battery and recharge it) and they can deliver power in the shortest time (total time to start a vehicle).

Deep Cycle batteries

Deep Cycle batteries are known to sustain power for a longer period of time as compared to SLIs. This particular type of car battery in Dubai is more ideal for marine vehicles, golf carts and different recreational vehicles.

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries

The Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries are specifically designed for low-maintenance and relieved from regular addition of water to the battery cells. Since regular maintenance of these batteries isn’t required, they’re well-sealed which means there won’t be any spill even if the battery is inverted or tipped. With this, it also means that VRLA batteries can’t be serviced when drained or served their lifecycle, replacement is the only option. There’re two notable types of VRLA batteries namely;

  • Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) that deliver power/energy at a higher rate in short bursts as compared to many other sealed batteries. This is the result of fast reaction between the thin fibreglass surface mat and the electrolyte.
  • Gel Cell contains silica-based electrolyte that give the batteries its name. This specific car battery in Dubai gives its best performance in deep-cycle applications such as golf carts, aquamarine vehicles so on. These are however, less effective in extreme weather be it too cold or hold.

Flooded/Wet Cell batteries

Due to the presence of electrolytes in liquid form, the name Wet Cell is assigned whereas the liquid solution is most often a combination of water, lead and sulphuric acid. They’re less expensive than other solutions however, convenience and lifecycle as compared to the VRLAs is far less. Some of the wet cell batteries also require frequent look after and regular maintenance critical to replace lost electrolytes.

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries

Although not common and much compatible with many of the vehicles we see on roads, there’re cars especially hybrid and electric that come with Li-ion batteries. They’re capable to store more energy whereas the weight is just a fraction as compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. The only drawback is shortest lifespan that’s more or less three years regardless of use.


So the next time you’re shopping for a car battery in Dubai, be sure to get the right one referring to the above list.

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