The Samsung will release a special cover-keyboard for Galaxy S9

Galaxy S8, a flagship smartphone has got an unusual accessory called Keyboard Cover.

Samsung introduced a flip-cover for the gadget, which has two functions: additional protection, and the ability to type text using the physical buttons. As specified on the manufacturer’s website, the accessory is made up of polycarbonate. Galaxy S9 will have such kind of polycarbonate cover, and a plastic housing keyboard just like the Galaxy S8 have it right now. To let the Keyboard Cover work, you do not need to pair it with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or use of the battery, Galaxy S8 will automatically recognize the keyboard. It will be work for Galaxy S9.

In that case, if the plate is not needed, it can be flipped over and attached to the back of the smartphone. The cost of the keyboard cover is around 59.99 dollars.

The first smartphone going to launch next year, equipped with dual camera, will not be Galaxy Note 8 but will be the charming Galaxy S9.

Since the release of the new flagship smartphone Samsung S8, Only a few of its features were known, displeasure owners – for example, a red screen shade, problems with wireless charging. Now it seems that an increasing number of people are faced with the inexplicable and unpredictable reboots of the device, according to the Digital Trends.

Disclosed is an unusual secret Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung engineers have found an unusual solution to get rid of “burn-out” virtual button Home, which has replaced the physical key in the new smartphone Galaxy S8. It is reported by, on the other hand, upcoming Galaxy S9 has no physical home button.

As you know, OLED screens (OLED, AMOLED) have not very nice feature – in those places where the diodes are always lit, displaying a static image, there is the “burn-out.” As a result, the remnants of the image may be visible even when the screen is off.

To reduce the impact of this effect, Samsung decided from time to time a bit of virtual Home button to transfer images to a few millimeters in different directions relative to the previous position which we can see next year, in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Thus, the virtual button will be visible all the time, but the damage to the diodes will not happen because, at regular intervals, some of them will be switched off and have time to “rest.”

Samsung will bring the screen up to 98% of the smartphone body of Galaxy S9. The success of “infinite” Samsung S8 screen has not stopped the company’s developers. According to Etnews, the company is working on a new display panel that is rounded on all four sides. The front part of the device will be a large plate of glass and takes 98 percent of the housing body. The unit will not have a top or bottom frame and will be different from anything on the market. can make its place in the market and giving the upcoming Galaxy S9 the inspiration to compete with many devices more powerfully.

Benefits of Wholesale Mobile Phones Deals

Merchandise essential with regard to a common man and it has become very difficult for a person to live even a single day without their cell phone. Mobile technology has taken what used to be a communication tool for the rich and the famous is now a very world by storm and has given a new conception of communication technology. Cell phone demand is increasing every minute and this has pushed the prices of mobile phones down considerably. But, if you are looking out for buying cell phones then you will always get the best deals if you buy in bulk and also buy wholesale mobile phones. There is no cheaper option to buy cell phones than when buying from a whole seller and there are some tips that you should follow while buying from the sale stores at everything you find in the American markets.


Now you can see hundreds of wholesale stores working online to get customers from everywhere to buy from them, they had two great advantages. The first one is the price as they get the phones directly from the manufacturer and mainly from china. For that reason the mobile phones are much cheaper and retailers could buy it in bulk amounts and then resell it for clients through their online retail stores.

The second reason is that these mobile phones come from the manufacturer unlocked. This is a great advantage as the end client can choose the carrier he wants without any obligations. Also this gives the retailer the freedom to display his phones anywhere and they are not concerned anymore about which carrier sells more in any location.

The first thing you need to focus on is the reputation, experience and reliability of the entire retail store where you intend to buy cell phones. The internet is the perfect tool from where you will be able to locate the reliable and reputed wholesale cellular store in your area under American reviews published by professionals as well as previous customers. It will be ideal for you to do window shopping at some of the listed retail sale stores in your area to get a feel of what different types of cell phones are being sold and attractive discounts that Are offered for bulk shopping. You can buy cell phones in bulk through online stores or reliable cell phone stores in the market.

It is very important for you to find out if the cell phone wholesaler is a certified distributor and what has certificates issued from various companies that authorize you to sell the company’s branded cell phones. It will not be a bad idea at all to buy bulk US cell phones. From these wholesalers as you will be able to get huge discounts on cell phones than you would have if you had just bought one or two phones. Always check customer reviews as well as professional reviews of stores from where you intend to buy mobile phones in bulk as this will give you a perfect idea about the quality of the products you will find in the store as well as the Quality after-sales service. So, with these few tips you will be able to get the cell phones that you are looking for at affordable prices.

Xiaomi MI Note2: The device that can ease the access

In the modern days, there are many devices which have been a part of one’s life now. Since the evolution of the technology of Android, the smartphones have seen constant updating. There are many companies in the field of manufacturing, but with the entry of Xiaomi, the scenario of the mobile market has completely changed. The Chinese telecom leader has doubtlessly driven the market to a different direction. It was previously in the field of consumer electronics but keeping the expansion of the business in mind; the operators decided to launch various smartphones. Understanding the user needs and limitations, it has launched some excellent devices, which proved much beneficial to the users. That is why with every new model launch, the company has got additional client base, which strengthened the market share of the company.

This Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer has today proven a big challenge to the mobile leaders such as Samsung and Apple also. The company has MI series in its lap that has got huge success in the market. The features of this device are such which usually the buyers of premium segment devices were only getting. Those who wanted to have these features in a budget phone were not able to have them, but Xiaomi offered it in budget devices also, and hence, those buyers who wanted quality features in medium range device turned to this brand. The company is going to launch one more amazing deviceXiaomi MI Note2, in coming days that is on 15 June 2017. The device is yet to be launched but the features of the same are disclosed which have made buyers to wait for launching of the same. As per the market experts, this power packed device will also get a grand welcome in the Indian market and force the rivals to reset their marketing and production strategies. There are some price comparison sites where the potential buyers can check the feature and compare it with the leading devices in the market from different brands. This can help one check the price and features of the device and decide which device he wants to go for.

Display and Screen

The device will be available with typical architecture of the brand and amazing look. It will have a screen size of 5.7 inch, and hence the users who love to use big devices will love to get on it. It will be available in two colours which are Glacier Silver and Piano Black which look much professional while using in front of others. It will be a dual SIM device with GSM+GSM operation.

The dimensions of the device are 156.2×77.3×7.3 mm which makes it look trendy and stylish. The weight of the device is only 166 gm which is much below than the average smartphones in the market, and hence the users can easily carry the device.

The best feature of this device is the front and back of the case are made of aluminium which makes it sturdier. It will accommodate two Nano SIMs. The screen resolution is 1440×2560 pixels, and the pixel density of this device is 515 PPI.


For a smartphone, the camera is an important aspect and buyer looks at its first. This device has the back camera with 22.5 MP, and the front one is with 8 MP. Hence for those who love to keep on capturing the images this device is a perfect one. It has Exmor-RS CMOS sensor for better quality pictures and shoots. The dual colour LED flash with the primary camera helps much to have some excellent images. It has two shooting options which are continuous shooting and HDR mode. There are other features such as touch to focus, Auto flash, digital zoom, and face detection. There is no flash for the front camera.


This phone has Android v6.0 which is known as Marshmallow. It is equipped with the quad-core 2.35 GHz Dual core Kryo and 2 GHz Dual core Kryo. It has 4 GB RAM with Adreno 530 Graphic. The architecture of this device is 64-bit, and the chipset it has got is Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro. The surprise about this device is it does not have FM radio. There are other sensors such as gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, light sensor, and proximity sensor.

Storage and Battery

As far as the storage is concerned the device has 64 GB internal memory, but there is no provision for expandable memory which is a disappointing factor for those who want to have more memory. However, as the device supports the OTG, one can use the pen drive with the device.

This device has 4070 mAh Li-polymer battery with the facility of quick charging that can be much useful for the users who have to deal with phone each and every moment.

Connectivity options

The device has numerous connectivity options such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. There are Wi-Fi and mobile hotspot features as well as Dual Nano SIMs for mobile data. There is also Bluetooth v4.2 for easy exchange of data and images as well as songs and videos. It also has NFC facility for the easy access. There is GPS with A-GPS and Glonass.


This smartphone will be available in India at the price of Rs27990, which makes it in the lower premium segment. The users in this segment love to have a high memory, which the device does not offer. However, it offers the OTG support, and hence the users can store the data externally but access the same on the device.


There are excellent features in Xiaomi MI Note2that are loved by the users in the routine life. Easy navigation and beautiful device, as well as battery backup, are some of the key areas that attract the buyers. The ease of data and OTG support makes it much attractive in the premium as well as a lower premium segment. However, it will take few days to say whether the device will be a huge hit or average at this stage, and hence, let the time only solve this mystery after the launch of the device. Considering the brand and its image, there is hardly any doubt about the success of the device, and hence in the near future, the rivals will also have to change their marketing and branding policies.


Corporate Cell Phone Management Tools You Can Depend on!

Mobile monitoring app is basically used for spying on Android device, iPhone; Mac & Windows related IT infrastructure and also devices. Cell phone monitoring app offers a wide range of spying solutions to their customers to accomplish desired advantages. When it comes to monitoring of workers, monitoring app could help business owners and also manage to find it out, what their subordinates carry out with business phones. Monitoring application software delivers the following advantages to its consumer.

Monitoring On Mobile phone Calls:

Installing a monitoring app on the smartphone will let you get the complete details of phone calls carried out from your monitored devices and also aphone. Parents and also business proprietors could use a monitoring application to monitor day to day actions of their kid’s and workers.


  • Recording of Phone calls
  • Viewing Of phone calls history
  • Interception throughout live phone calls


Monitoring On Text messages:

Monitoring app software lets a consumer read and also record all the text messages from the preferred mobile phone. Most of the time kids use Text messages to talk. This feature could let parents watch the everyday activities.

Use Monitoring App Software To Monitor GPS Location:

Monitoring App Software helps its consumers to discover the exact location of GPS navigation route of the monitored mobile phone. For organizations and also business proprietors, that is a most excellent preferred feature to monitor the location of the workers. Any user could get the whole list of location details along with the help of a monitoring app. Monitoring app help users to look

  • Comprehensive location details
  • Detect the present location of device
  • Viewing travel route on Map
  • Searching for the details of limited area


Monitoring On E-mails:

Get the total access to the e-mails and also theconversation of a monitored device through using Monitoring App Software. This option assists you in discovering the list of incoming/outgoing e-mails.

Monitoring On Messenger:

Messenger is the extensively used medium used for chat reasons in the contemporary age. Mobile phone consumers like to make chat along with this medium. Monitoring App Software enables its consumers to get the whole details of the monitored cell phone. It assists to monitoring on

  • Facebook chats and also group conversations
  • WhatsApp Monitoring
  • BBM Chats monitoring
  • Viber Chats monitoring
  • Skype chats monitoring


Viewing Out Of Multimedia Records:

Monitoring app software assists you to get the precise detail of all multimedia records of amonitored cell phone. It consists of videos, photograph files, and also audios. Monitoring app will let you to

  • Discover the list of captured and also saved photographs
  • Watching out video clips
  • Listening to their saved music
  • Monitoring on voice recording

Monitoring Of Calendar Activities and also Instant Notifications:

Monitoring app software is there for you to look out all the calendar actions as wells as instantly get to know about the notifications related to SIM card alerts and also suspicious actions. This feature let to monitoring on

  • Any future consultation schedule
  • SIM card alerts
  • Receive notifications about suspicious terms, e-mails, phone calls


Control and also Bug A Phone Device:

Cell phone monitoring app software enables its users to have a whole control on a monitored device. By receiving the benefit of this feature, they could turn a device into a live mobile recording of surroundings.

  • Calculating on a device will assist you to
  • Listening live conversations
  • Lock a mobile phone
  • Wipe a mobile phone
  • Send a lot more customizable control commands


Is it truly helpful?

When you come to think of it, you will realize how advantageous a cell phone monitoring app could be! As a manager, you could use cell phone monitoring app in all company-owned cell phones to monitor the workers. As you may guess, people love using cell devices for playing video games, emailing to the friends, browsing the Internet for entertainment throughout office hours when they are supposed to work! Being a boss,you have a right to be familiar with what precisely your workers are paid for! Even more than that – you could trace unsafe employees who’re selling or planning to sell the corporate secrets as well as confidential corporate information to the 3rd parties such as the competitors. As you could see, the use of a mobile phone tracker is clear!

You could also have a lot more piece and also confidence being parents. You know how hard it is to control contemporary kids, however, with cell phone tracking apps, you’ll know if your kids are secure or not. Messages of the kids, Gps navigation information and also aneven restriction of phone calls from suspicious phone contacts will be extremely advantageous!

Apple India All Set to Launch Its Online Store This Year

Settle down, fellow gadget freaks because the biggest Apple news for India is here! You will soon be able to buy your Apple devices from Apple’s own online store in the country. This, in turn, is likely to lead to a major reduction in the prices of the much aspired Apple iPhones and will give you an authentic experience of the device. Apart from that, we will also have access to numerous other after-sale services and accessories that we were deprived of earlier.

While the physical Apple Stores will have to wait its turn in India, the company plans first to launch its very own online stores this year. Parading on the fact that the local manufacturers can have a direct online presence in the country Apple has decided towards this big step.

As reported by ET, “Apple will initially start its online store by selling iPhone SE which will be manufactured in India and will be in line with government policies. The company is hopeful to launch the online store in India around Diwali,”

Since this new business opportunity will have potential, Apple has negotiated with the Government of India for the rights to sell iPhones directly in the country. Earlier this year in March the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would begin the process in the coming 4 to 6 weeks.

According to the report, the company eventually plans to open 4 to 5 flagship retail stores over a period to five to 10 years, following the initial direct sales through the online channel of Apple. This is because Apple stores require huge space to suit its architectural design and are built only over iconic locations which are limited. The offline Apple Stores will initially be set up in the metros only.

Apple will begin manufacturing 4,00,000 iPhone SE handsets in India, which is likely to result in a lower price for customers. And according to the recent reports, Apple claims to start online sales for iPhone SE in India around Diwali, i.e., October.

There are also plans to sell some accessories that will be sourced from India. Around 50 to 55% of iPhones sales in India is generated from online sales as compared to the average 30% in the smartphone industry.

The report also states the possibility of customization including laser engraving that we’ve so far seen on iPads but not on iPhones. Apple also plans not to compete on price with other online marketplaces for their products that will be sold in their online stores. “Instead, Apple plans to differentiate its online store in India from marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart by offering value-added services such as laser engraving to personalise the handset, sell models or variants which are exclusive such as a dedicated model, colour option or storage space, the executive said.”- ET reports

Apple has recently opened its first ever App Accelerator location for local developers. As part of this Apple news in India, Apple CEO Tim Cook quoted saying, “India is home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world.” He further added saying, “With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we’re giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.”

Currently, Apple operates its online stores in 39 countries out of which only 20 countries have company owned offline stores as well. India is about to join the race with the rest of the countries.

The local assembling of Apple the will start with iPhone SE in a facility at Bangalore through Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron. They also plan to scale it up to a few other iPhone models eventually and is open to start manufacturing with its other global partner Foxconn which is already operating a couple of plants in India.

Apple will set up manufacturing operations in the country including its component manufacturers and has claimed tax exemption from the government for it. The government is, however, yet to give its approval on the sought after concession.

As Indians, we have a lot to look forward from Apple right now. The Apple Stores will certainly pave a way to from an authentic user experience, something that the third party retailers in India will never be able to replicate.

Since the past year, a group of 40 employees have been working out of their office in Gurgaon in the NCR region to facilitate the growth of the business in the country. However, they plan to build their headquarters in Hyderabad.

Lenovo Phab 2: Will it give the vibes?

A few years ago, Lenovo was known for its bestselling laptops and their durability. With the recent evolution of the mobile phone industries, Lenovo jumped into the smartphone market. There were strong competitors already present in the market, so Lenovo played the trump card of selling the budget smartphones. The common man of India loves using smartphones, but they too have their budget constraints. For people with such budget restrictions, Lenovo has proven to be a boon. Lenovo Phab 2,to be launched in India soon, is surely going to give tough competitions. Let us check whether it suits your budget and perfect for you.

The pros of this device includeahuge display, metal body, and smooth performance. There is only one con for this device, and that is no fingerprint sensor. No fingerprint sensor is a hugesetback, but Lenovo has provided other good features, which are discussed below. Lenovo Phab 2 is a tablet and a smartphone which makes it a phablet.

Display and Design:

This device sports 6.4 inch HD display. Most attractive feature regarding the display is it has the thinnest bezel, which makes it look like a real wide screen. The front side of the device comprises ofthehuge display, three capacitive touch buttons, proximity sensor, earpiece and a front camera. On the rear side, there isarear camera, a flashlight and Lenovo branding. This smartphone has a sim tray on the left side of the screen. It is a dual sim smartphone in which both sims support LTE connectivity. LTE connectivity is supported by some of the most famous network providers. Most importantly this device has a VoLTE support, which seems like a boon for all the users who love using 4G. On the right side of the screen, there are volume rockers and lock button. On the top of the device, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a secondary microphone. On the bottom, it has a primary microphone and a USB port, which can be used to charge the device and also can be used to transfer files through it onthecomputer.

Processor and OS:

Lenovo Phab 2 arrives with Android 6.0 (marshmallow) out of the box and is expected to get Android 7.0 (Nougat) update. At the heart of this device is MediaTek 8735 Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. Some people might find it disappointing that the smartphone has a Quad core processor, but not to worry, this is the latest MediaTek processor and gives smooth performance. The device runs on 3GB of RAM, which means smooth, efficient, and lag-free multitasking. The GPU is inbuilt MediaTek 8735 and is known to deliver best quality graphic performance. With these specifications,there cannot be any hesitations to buy.

Camera and Storage:

The primary camera on this device is 13MP autofocus with a LED flashlight while the front camera is 5MP and delivers best quality selfie shots. Storage of this smartphone is 32GB, and it supports microSDupto 128GB. This is ample storage for photography and music lovers. The front cam has modes likeasmile shot, beauty, etc. The sharp images from this device’s cam will make one fall in love with the device. The microSD card is to be installed inthehybrid slot which can either accommodate one sim card and one SD card or two sim cards together. Both the cameras are able to shootthebest quality videos. The user can select the storage path according to his/her will.

Battery and Connectivity:

This smartphone is powered bya4050mAh battery, which can run up to 1.5-2 days easily without being charged again. For the modern users, this much battery is sufficient, and it is actually a boon for travellers. Travelers can capture full HD shots and videos with long lasting battery and no worry to charge. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11 and acts as a portable hotspot.Moreover, this device is Bluetooth enabled and comes with Radio FM out of the box. The network support is 2G, 3G, and 4G VoLTE. The battery of this device is non-removable.

This device has four sensors namely accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor, and gyroscope. This device doesn’t come witha fingerprint sensor, and that is a huge disappointment. The fingerprint sensor is an extra layer of security which is fast and encrypted to one’s biometric identity.


Lenovo Phab 2 price is estimated to be 11k-12k; this device can’t be referred as a costly one because all the featuresare worth paying. This device comes in yellow, gold and graycolour variants. One should definitely go for the gold variant as it gives the phone a rich and expensive look with that metal finished body. If one is willing to buy the device but is hesitating due to the absence of fingerprint sensor, then please do not worry. The fingerprint sensor is a good security feature, but PIN or Password is more secured.