3 Things that Don’t Increase the Breast Cancer Risk

Thankfully, people are getting more and more aware about the breast cancer and its harms. In fact, every year people get to hear a lot about the risk factors especially during the Breast cancer Awareness Month. Besides that, you also get to know about the methods of early detection and the ways to prevent this. But often you don’t get to hear about the things that don’t cause breast cancer and it might go from bras to breast implants & Breast Surgery in UAE as well. So let’s dig in to understand what actually don’t cause the breast cancer;


I would agree if it’s just about nodding my head but on a serious note, this has to be sorted out. You might have heard so many times that don’t put on too much sweat over the deodorant. Many are even sure about this baseless rumor that these products cause breast cancer. Conversely, the U.S. National Cancer Institute has proven this wrong and confirmed that there is no evidence so support such pointless concerns.

Ironically, the government agency cites a study that included over 800 women with breast cancer that it had nothing to do with the deodorants/antiperspirants. Moreover, there was nothing with deodorant that linked to it anyways like the use of deodorant or even the practice of shaving before applying.


You might have heard that wearing bras leads to higher breast cancer risk. As per the scientific evidence, there is nothing like that, in fact, science does not support this. Susan G. Komen Foundation conducted a study back in 1991 and found that premenopausal women, who didn’t wear bras, had a lower risk of getting affected with the breast cancer as compared to the women who wore bras.

The authors also concluded that the link was not directly to the actual bras, but to related health factors primarily. For instance; in the study, women went bra-less were more likely to be lean, which researchers notified might explain the lower risk.

Breast Implants

Undoubtedly, the Breast Surgery in UAE is more than effective for the women willing to either increase or decrease their breast sizes. But still many are ambiguous that Do breast implants cause breast cancer? Also, many surgeons hear this doctor often hear during breast augmentation consultations. Several studies have indicated that breast implants don’t increase the risk of breast cancer, and it has been confirmed by the American Cancer Society.

But one shouldn’t be negligent at times of the special care that may need to be taken when having a mammogram after Breast Surgery in UAE. In addition, woman might need to have a screening before undergoing this procedure. Precisely, just keep up with what is being recommended by the doctor like, how you can take care of your implants and what you shouldn’t do until and unless you recover completely.


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