3 Mind Blowing Uses of Mannequins

3 mind blowing uses of mannequins

Often in markets, malls or bazaars we see human like dolls posing in different poses in display windows of shops or outside them. These articulated dolls are called mannequins. Mannequin came from a Flemish word manikin which means ‘an artist’s model’ or ‘a little figurine’. Articulated mannequins are human replicas. Their body parts are made same as humans. To give them more clear and realistic look features such as eyes, nose, lips, ears and more such details are sculpted. Mannequins are available in same sex classification as humans. They are available in male, female and kids versions. Also they are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Display Windows:

Articulated mannequins are most commonly used in display windows. Retail stores, tailors, dress designers, artists and photographers use mannequins in display windows of their stores to put their best quality on display in the display window. The purpose of this is to grab the customer attraction towards the store. Buyers want to know about store and type of products store is selling, adjustable mannequins serve this purpose very well.

A female mannequin wearing bridal dress and posing in very bridal manner will grab attraction of buyers intend to buy any bridal wear or accessory. Moreover soon to be bride can look at the mannequin and guess how she will look in the same attire, this helps the buyers very much and they more likely to get attracted towards it. It also gives clue to the buyers about what the store is about, what it sells and in what it specializes in.

Medical field:

Mannequins are not just used in display windows of stores they are also in many other fields as well. They are also used in medical sciences for variety of purposes. But usually they are used in simulations for trainings of young doctors and nurses.

Mannequins are used to train students on advance life support (ALS) procedures, basic life support procedures, CPR and airway intubation skills. These skills are very crucial yet risk cannot be taken over someone’s life. Therefore such mannequins which can be used to duplicate such scenarios are very great for learning of students. Mostly mannequins used in medical field also have sensors like artificial heart beat, blood vessels such features give them more realistic and lifelike appearance.

Mannequins used in medical field are made with such material which gives more realistic as skin of humans.

Criminal Investigation:

Mannequins are also a great for use in criminal investigations. Most of the time during criminal investigations crime scene needs to be replicated to pour out valuable evidence. These replications can give valuable information to the investigators like trajectory of weapon, from how far the bullet was fired, direction of the victim or deceased also helps determine many things.

Mannequins used in criminal investigations are made with foam and are normally called poly-flex mannequins. The foam normally has a protective skin coating, and it weighs approximately 15 lbs. These type of mannequins have appendages same as humans and can be positioned in every human pose.

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