The Samsung will release a special cover-keyboard for Galaxy S9

Galaxy S8, a flagship smartphone has got an unusual accessory called Keyboard Cover.

Samsung introduced a flip-cover for the gadget, which has two functions: additional protection, and the ability to type text using the physical buttons. As specified on the manufacturer’s website, the accessory is made up of polycarbonate. Galaxy S9 will have such kind of polycarbonate cover, and a plastic housing keyboard just like the Galaxy S8 have it right now. To let the Keyboard Cover work, you do not need to pair it with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or use of the battery, Galaxy S8 will automatically recognize the keyboard. It will be work for Galaxy S9.

In that case, if the plate is not needed, it can be flipped over and attached to the back of the smartphone. The cost of the keyboard cover is around 59.99 dollars.

The first smartphone going to launch next year, equipped with dual camera, will not be Galaxy Note 8 but will be the charming Galaxy S9.

Since the release of the new flagship smartphone Samsung S8, Only a few of its features were known, displeasure owners – for example, a red screen shade, problems with wireless charging. Now it seems that an increasing number of people are faced with the inexplicable and unpredictable reboots of the device, according to the Digital Trends.

Disclosed is an unusual secret Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung engineers have found an unusual solution to get rid of “burn-out” virtual button Home, which has replaced the physical key in the new smartphone Galaxy S8. It is reported by, on the other hand, upcoming Galaxy S9 has no physical home button.

As you know, OLED screens (OLED, AMOLED) have not very nice feature – in those places where the diodes are always lit, displaying a static image, there is the “burn-out.” As a result, the remnants of the image may be visible even when the screen is off.

To reduce the impact of this effect, Samsung decided from time to time a bit of virtual Home button to transfer images to a few millimeters in different directions relative to the previous position which we can see next year, in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Thus, the virtual button will be visible all the time, but the damage to the diodes will not happen because, at regular intervals, some of them will be switched off and have time to “rest.”

Samsung will bring the screen up to 98% of the smartphone body of Galaxy S9. The success of “infinite” Samsung S8 screen has not stopped the company’s developers. According to Etnews, the company is working on a new display panel that is rounded on all four sides. The front part of the device will be a large plate of glass and takes 98 percent of the housing body. The unit will not have a top or bottom frame and will be different from anything on the market. can make its place in the market and giving the upcoming Galaxy S9 the inspiration to compete with many devices more powerfully.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Public Relations Job for You

If you’re entering or are currently in the field of public relations, you may know how tough it is to land a job in your field. Public relations is a very competitive field, which is why it’s important to be able to find the right job by knowing your skill set and working towards finding the perfect fit for you. In order to begin, you’ll need to know how to best start your search.

Public relations, while a competitive field, can be very fulfilling, especially for those who have a passion for communications and interpersonal management. To learn more, here are five tips to help you find the right public relations job for you.

Get Your CV Together

To begin, in order to get yourself started, you should start by carefully going through and updating your CV. You’ll need a good, representative CV to apply for jobs and be successful. The more your CV positively reflects you and your skills, the better. Use a CV builder if you’re not sure where to begin.

If you want to be able to wow your potential clients or future employer, you may also want to use a CV service if you’re not sure how to best represent yourself and your skills. A professional will be able to help you by representing you best, since they specialise in writing CVs.

Know Where to Look

First things first, you’re going to want to know where to look. You can search in person, through job finding resources, and online. When searching for a job, you’ll want to use as many of the resources at your disposal as possible. That way, you have the best chance of finding and getting a job when doing a search for public relations jobs in Malaysia.

Outline Your Field

Be sure to know your field. This means that you should narrow down your skill set and decide which niche job roles your skills best fit into. This will help best to lead you to success. Remember, when you apply to the jobs that best suit you, you’ll have the best chance of success.

Keep Optimistic and Stay on Top of Things

Be sure that you stay optimistic during your search. While it may be easy to give up, you’ll need to stay on top of things as much as possible for the best chance of success. Stay optimistic throughout your search until you reach the point where you find and land the perfect public relations job for you.

Last but not least, stay on top of things. This means that you need to remember to check all of your applications if you submit them online, follow up after interviews, and always check your inbox. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity that comes your way. This will also ensure the absolute best chance of reaching success sooner rather than later as well.

3 Mind Blowing Uses of Mannequins

3 mind blowing uses of mannequins

Often in markets, malls or bazaars we see human like dolls posing in different poses in display windows of shops or outside them. These articulated dolls are called mannequins. Mannequin came from a Flemish word manikin which means ‘an artist’s model’ or ‘a little figurine’. Articulated mannequins are human replicas. Their body parts are made same as humans. To give them more clear and realistic look features such as eyes, nose, lips, ears and more such details are sculpted. Mannequins are available in same sex classification as humans. They are available in male, female and kids versions. Also they are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Display Windows:

Articulated mannequins are most commonly used in display windows. Retail stores, tailors, dress designers, artists and photographers use mannequins in display windows of their stores to put their best quality on display in the display window. The purpose of this is to grab the customer attraction towards the store. Buyers want to know about store and type of products store is selling, adjustable mannequins serve this purpose very well.

A female mannequin wearing bridal dress and posing in very bridal manner will grab attraction of buyers intend to buy any bridal wear or accessory. Moreover soon to be bride can look at the mannequin and guess how she will look in the same attire, this helps the buyers very much and they more likely to get attracted towards it. It also gives clue to the buyers about what the store is about, what it sells and in what it specializes in.

Medical field:

Mannequins are not just used in display windows of stores they are also in many other fields as well. They are also used in medical sciences for variety of purposes. But usually they are used in simulations for trainings of young doctors and nurses.

Mannequins are used to train students on advance life support (ALS) procedures, basic life support procedures, CPR and airway intubation skills. These skills are very crucial yet risk cannot be taken over someone’s life. Therefore such mannequins which can be used to duplicate such scenarios are very great for learning of students. Mostly mannequins used in medical field also have sensors like artificial heart beat, blood vessels such features give them more realistic and lifelike appearance.

Mannequins used in medical field are made with such material which gives more realistic as skin of humans.

Criminal Investigation:

Mannequins are also a great for use in criminal investigations. Most of the time during criminal investigations crime scene needs to be replicated to pour out valuable evidence. These replications can give valuable information to the investigators like trajectory of weapon, from how far the bullet was fired, direction of the victim or deceased also helps determine many things.

Mannequins used in criminal investigations are made with foam and are normally called poly-flex mannequins. The foam normally has a protective skin coating, and it weighs approximately 15 lbs. These type of mannequins have appendages same as humans and can be positioned in every human pose.

Seven Useful Tips for Borrowing Money

Many people borrow money to help tide them over in tough economic times and though doing so should not be seen with the fear and controversy that it often is; it should always be approached having been carefully planned and considered. By knowing how best to go about it, you can eliminate the risks associated with borrowing money and pay it off without spiraling into debt.

Shop around: There are so many different lenders that offer loans and credit cards to consumers and it is important you find the one that is right for you. By taking the time to find the best interest rates and most reasonable monthly repayments, you immediately give yourself a better chance of remaining in control. Considering that you will likely spend months – if not years – paying off the loan, that extra bit of time weighing up your options is definitely worth it.

Total costs: The amount you borrow will not be the amount you pay back; loans are never that simple. Interest rates and insurance can significantly boost your bill, especially if the money is being taken out over a long period of time and so you should always calculate exactly how much you will have to pay back before you agree to any deal; it is important you make sure you will be able to afford the repayments if you want to avoid falling into debt.

Multiple loans: At the time is can often seem like a good idea to borrow money to help pay off existing debts but this is a costly trap that will more than likely worsen your initial problem. The same goes for credit cards; pay off one before you take out another and start building up additional debts on it.

PPI: Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is designed to ensure the continuation of repayments should you become unable to work. In many cases however, it is mis-sold, fails to provide adequate cover or provides cover that already comes from an existing policy. Always be sure you arent taking on more expenses than you need to.

Know your loans: You would be wrong to think that a loan is a loan and it is as simple as that, as there are in-fact several different types available to consumers. The biggest difference you must know is that between a secured and an unsecured loan. With an unsecured loan, cash is the only thing involved in the borrowing process and the longer you fail to make repayments, the more money you will owe your lender. With a secured loan however, the money is taken out with your belongings acting as a type of insurance. This means that if you fail to repay the money on time, you could lose the likes of your car or even your home.

Interest free: You may come across loans that are interest free but be wary as these are often only interest free for a limited amount of time before the fee starts rocketing at an alarming rate. Always read the small print and if a deal seems too good to be true then chances are it is.

Loan sharks: People often turn to loan sharks or pay-day loan companies when they need a smaller amount of money quickly to tide them over. These come with eye-wateringly high interest rates however and in almost all cases, simply make the situation far worse, increasing the pressure and driving people to even more drastic measures to pay off their debts.

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3 Things that Don’t Increase the Breast Cancer Risk

Thankfully, people are getting more and more aware about the breast cancer and its harms. In fact, every year people get to hear a lot about the risk factors especially during the Breast cancer Awareness Month. Besides that, you also get to know about the methods of early detection and the ways to prevent this. But often you don’t get to hear about the things that don’t cause breast cancer and it might go from bras to breast implants & Breast Surgery in UAE as well. So let’s dig in to understand what actually don’t cause the breast cancer;


I would agree if it’s just about nodding my head but on a serious note, this has to be sorted out. You might have heard so many times that don’t put on too much sweat over the deodorant. Many are even sure about this baseless rumor that these products cause breast cancer. Conversely, the U.S. National Cancer Institute has proven this wrong and confirmed that there is no evidence so support such pointless concerns.

Ironically, the government agency cites a study that included over 800 women with breast cancer that it had nothing to do with the deodorants/antiperspirants. Moreover, there was nothing with deodorant that linked to it anyways like the use of deodorant or even the practice of shaving before applying.


You might have heard that wearing bras leads to higher breast cancer risk. As per the scientific evidence, there is nothing like that, in fact, science does not support this. Susan G. Komen Foundation conducted a study back in 1991 and found that premenopausal women, who didn’t wear bras, had a lower risk of getting affected with the breast cancer as compared to the women who wore bras.

The authors also concluded that the link was not directly to the actual bras, but to related health factors primarily. For instance; in the study, women went bra-less were more likely to be lean, which researchers notified might explain the lower risk.

Breast Implants

Undoubtedly, the Breast Surgery in UAE is more than effective for the women willing to either increase or decrease their breast sizes. But still many are ambiguous that Do breast implants cause breast cancer? Also, many surgeons hear this doctor often hear during breast augmentation consultations. Several studies have indicated that breast implants don’t increase the risk of breast cancer, and it has been confirmed by the American Cancer Society.

But one shouldn’t be negligent at times of the special care that may need to be taken when having a mammogram after Breast Surgery in UAE. In addition, woman might need to have a screening before undergoing this procedure. Precisely, just keep up with what is being recommended by the doctor like, how you can take care of your implants and what you shouldn’t do until and unless you recover completely.


Are you intending to know about things that don’t cause the breast cancer? Just check out this article now

How to choose the right type of car battery?

Power, energy and life; that’s what a car battery’s all about and essential to make sure your vehicle starts every day. Almost all the functions of your vehicle including lights, wipers, air-condition, cigarette lighter, Bluetooth and others are powered by car battery.

Whenever your car’s running, the battery is being charged but there comes a time when it had lived its life to the fullest therefore must be replaced. The details given below would familiarise you with various types and how to identify the best car battery in Dubai that fits your vehicle.

Starting, Lighting & Ignition (SLI) batteries

One of the most common and majority of automobile batteries are Starting, Lighting and Ignition (SLI) batteries. Just as the name implies, the batteries helps in starting the car, provide power to the ignition, radio, lighting and other mechanisms crucial for driving. SLIs have a thin charge cycle (total time to exhaust the battery and recharge it) and they can deliver power in the shortest time (total time to start a vehicle).

Deep Cycle batteries

Deep Cycle batteries are known to sustain power for a longer period of time as compared to SLIs. This particular type of car battery in Dubai is more ideal for marine vehicles, golf carts and different recreational vehicles.

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries

The Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries are specifically designed for low-maintenance and relieved from regular addition of water to the battery cells. Since regular maintenance of these batteries isn’t required, they’re well-sealed which means there won’t be any spill even if the battery is inverted or tipped. With this, it also means that VRLA batteries can’t be serviced when drained or served their lifecycle, replacement is the only option. There’re two notable types of VRLA batteries namely;

  • Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) that deliver power/energy at a higher rate in short bursts as compared to many other sealed batteries. This is the result of fast reaction between the thin fibreglass surface mat and the electrolyte.
  • Gel Cell contains silica-based electrolyte that give the batteries its name. This specific car battery in Dubai gives its best performance in deep-cycle applications such as golf carts, aquamarine vehicles so on. These are however, less effective in extreme weather be it too cold or hold.

Flooded/Wet Cell batteries

Due to the presence of electrolytes in liquid form, the name Wet Cell is assigned whereas the liquid solution is most often a combination of water, lead and sulphuric acid. They’re less expensive than other solutions however, convenience and lifecycle as compared to the VRLAs is far less. Some of the wet cell batteries also require frequent look after and regular maintenance critical to replace lost electrolytes.

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries

Although not common and much compatible with many of the vehicles we see on roads, there’re cars especially hybrid and electric that come with Li-ion batteries. They’re capable to store more energy whereas the weight is just a fraction as compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. The only drawback is shortest lifespan that’s more or less three years regardless of use.


So the next time you’re shopping for a car battery in Dubai, be sure to get the right one referring to the above list.

How to take good care of your passport?

Passport is one of the most important travel documents especially when travelling beyond borders. Losing or having it stolen abroad may prove dreadful and costliest experience. Here’s how to take good care of your Dominica passport while going off to enjoy holidays!

Always come prepared

  • Before booking an international trip, make sure your passport holds validity for at least six months beyond the return date.
  • Always keep a record of the passport number, date and place of issuance which is quite convenient nowadays thanks to smart applications.
  • Carry two copies of the Dominica passport; hand over one to a trustworthy friend or relative and travel along with the other one. Be sure the photocopy is always kept separate from the original document.
  • Scan the original passport and email the impression to your personal ID. This way, you can always print it anywhere, anytime in case of emergency.
  • Always travel along with additional photographic identifications and keep them isolated from the original passport. In fact, you can always save valuable time by taking along extra copies of the document itself.

Taking care during travel

  • It’s better keeping the Dominica passport in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent against water damage just in case.
  • Be careful not to leave the passport unattended or lying on the floor of the hotel room or anywhere especially when you’re transiting from a country to another.
  • Determine your position and the place; keep the passport in the safest-possible place. Just in case there isn’t a safe spot where you can store the document, don’t hesitate asking the hotel manager.
  • Buy a utility belt which is far more convenient in keeping important stuff at an arm’s length; concealed money belt is a good option.
  • Be extra vigilant if someone asks you to surrender the passport. Always confirm if it’s a legitimate source before blindly handing over the travel document!
  • Don’t ever submit the passport or any other important travel document in exchange for services such as car hire! Ask if they accept any other form of ID or consider asking the locals only if you feel doing so.
  • When the inevitable or unexpected actually happens that is the passport gets stolen or lost, report to the local authorities within 24-hours of the event, contact travel agent in your country and obtain a written report from the authorities.
  • Remember, the only time you present the original copy of the Dominica passport is when crossing the borders, at the airport, hotel check-in or filing a request at the police station.

When you’re away

  • It’s obvious you don’t travel everywhere in your own country with a passport especially when shopping for groceries or any other domestic duty, always keep the passport at home in safest possible place and away from your child’s reach (if you’ve one).
  • Some of the local banks offer locker facilities to keep your valuables so that’s another option where you can keep the passport along with other essential documents and stuff.


Follow the above tips to ensure your passport is always safe!

Benefits of Wholesale Mobile Phones Deals

Merchandise essential with regard to a common man and it has become very difficult for a person to live even a single day without their cell phone. Mobile technology has taken what used to be a communication tool for the rich and the famous is now a very world by storm and has given a new conception of communication technology. Cell phone demand is increasing every minute and this has pushed the prices of mobile phones down considerably. But, if you are looking out for buying cell phones then you will always get the best deals if you buy in bulk and also buy wholesale mobile phones. There is no cheaper option to buy cell phones than when buying from a whole seller and there are some tips that you should follow while buying from the sale stores at everything you find in the American markets.


Now you can see hundreds of wholesale stores working online to get customers from everywhere to buy from them, they had two great advantages. The first one is the price as they get the phones directly from the manufacturer and mainly from china. For that reason the mobile phones are much cheaper and retailers could buy it in bulk amounts and then resell it for clients through their online retail stores.

The second reason is that these mobile phones come from the manufacturer unlocked. This is a great advantage as the end client can choose the carrier he wants without any obligations. Also this gives the retailer the freedom to display his phones anywhere and they are not concerned anymore about which carrier sells more in any location.

The first thing you need to focus on is the reputation, experience and reliability of the entire retail store where you intend to buy cell phones. The internet is the perfect tool from where you will be able to locate the reliable and reputed wholesale cellular store in your area under American reviews published by professionals as well as previous customers. It will be ideal for you to do window shopping at some of the listed retail sale stores in your area to get a feel of what different types of cell phones are being sold and attractive discounts that Are offered for bulk shopping. You can buy cell phones in bulk through online stores or reliable cell phone stores in the market.

It is very important for you to find out if the cell phone wholesaler is a certified distributor and what has certificates issued from various companies that authorize you to sell the company’s branded cell phones. It will not be a bad idea at all to buy bulk US cell phones. From these wholesalers as you will be able to get huge discounts on cell phones than you would have if you had just bought one or two phones. Always check customer reviews as well as professional reviews of stores from where you intend to buy mobile phones in bulk as this will give you a perfect idea about the quality of the products you will find in the store as well as the Quality after-sales service. So, with these few tips you will be able to get the cell phones that you are looking for at affordable prices.